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What is cold, the look from within

the Illness is born in thoughts Nasmorki`s

, a katara, respiratory infections disturb people in all centuries. Eventually changed, names of that state which arises when overcooling. But the essence of the changes happening in an organism remained the same.

Still doctors of the past noted that cold, katara most often not infectious diseases, but reaction of an organism to painful changes, some kind of self-cleaning. This point of view was not always supported, especially in the last decades. whether

A is correct to consider the majority of katar of the top airways, nasmorok as processes infectious, contact?

Why at sharp cold, Qatar of the specific activator as the reason quite often do not find?

If is process from the very beginning infectious then presence of these diseases among with Other infectious diseases is justified, such, for example, as dysentery, a typhoid, etc. But it is known that respiratory diseases can be avoided, applying a hardening, physical activities, a balanced diet, starvation.

If cold - a usual infection, then why it is impossible to be tempered also from dysentery, measles. (To be fair it should be noted that the general strengthening of an organism will always help).

Let`s say that cold to which it is possible to refer the majority of nasmorok, katar of the top airways, acute respiratory diseases, bronchitis and some flu forms - the phenomenon which arose not from infection, and clarification process, process especially internal. And from this position we will consider its emergence.

Many forms of flu, cold caused by influence of various irritants allergic cold demand other explanations and will not be discussed.

the Main eliminative organs (clarification) are; zheludochno - an intestinal path, kidneys, skin, system of external breath (lungs, bronchial tubes, a nasopharynx). And their work on removal of nedookislenny substances, products of disintegration, toxic alien elements, so-called slags (the term used in scientific literature), is coordinated and interdependent. So, at receipt in an organism of excess of iodine it is allocated through a nasopharynx, bronchial tubes. At the use of alcoholic beverages the smell is heard because vapors of alcohol are emitted also through lungs.

If decreases secretory function of one system, others begin to work more intensively. For example, at a disease of kidneys when release of substances with urine is complicated, in the increased quantities they appear in allocations of skin, nasopharynx, stomach.

can Schematically present the following mechanism of development of Qatar of the top airways when overcooling.

If in an organism at rather equilibrium release of slags and their rather moderate education comes fast cooling of integuments, there is a narrowing of vessels of skin. Skin blood circulation decreases, and its secretory function as a result decreases. (Invisible sweating is available always.) There are parts of the body with rather increased function of office, for example feet.

But secretory, cleaning work in an organism cannot stop especially as when cooling the quantity of toxic products increases. At once there is a redistribution in work of ways of allocation - secretory function of kidneys, nasopharynxes increases.

about it last century was written the following: Cold develops owing to cold, But cold no other than cooling of skin which ceases to evaporate correctly or cannot pass allocation products at all. So-called cold skin is less capable to office of these products. This detained mass of products of allocation addresses to mucous a nose that allocation happened there. We call it cold... And further: Many persons, having stepped in cold water, begin to feel a desire to an urination .

A then, as shown in experiments, comes violation of blood circulation in a mucous membrane of a nose, decrease in its protective properties, increase of its secretory function, decrease in the general resilience of an organism therefore on mucous a nose microorganisms, attendees at it always begin to breed strenuously. Waste products of these microorganisms owing to increase of permeability of capillaries in a large number come to blood and in literal sense make the life of us miserable.

rises Further body temperature,

raises sweating, appetite vanishes, weakness appears. Authors of the past spoke about rise in temperature, as about salutary influence at which in an organism unnecessary substances burn down. (The modern science also recognizes expediency of such reaction, but already at other level.) Loss of appetite is justified. The organism needs and to fight this moment against a disease state, but not to spend energy for digestion and assimilation of food. If in such state you feed the patient, then feed also an illness - it is noticed still long ago. all - we not always get sick with

I when overcooling. But we can get sick, being in heat. In order that the allocation organism through a nasopharynx worked, it is necessary to have what to allocate, and at the same time have to function not enough other systems of allocation. That is it is necessary that kidneys, skin, zheludochno - an intestinal path could not increase the work, and in an organism enough slags collected that at a way of life of the modern person meets quite often.

Clarification through skin happens to the help of sweating. But whether often we sweat by means of physical activities, visit of a bath? No.

Easy, top airways also do not work as eliminative organs. Other ways of local clarification, except a handkerchief, are used seldom. Breathing cleaning exercises are applied not by all. And the physical activities considerably increasing intensity of breath? At work in them there is no requirement. And houses us are won by laziness, there is a hope on zheludochno - an intestinal path. On all its extent, since an oral cavity, the substances which are subject to removal from an organism are constantly emitted, but to be kept in an intestines gleam by it there is nothing. The return absorption in blood results and the poisoning action continues. In our food there is no necessary amount of the food fibers (cellulose) possessing except many useful qualities the adsorptive properties, that is that quality which allows to clear not only intestines, but also blood, so, and all body tissues.

In a usual diet of products with enough cellulose is not enough. It is not or very little in white flour, the purified rice, sugar, fats, muscular tissue of meat, in milk and dairy products, in eggs and some other products

Opposite, it is a lot of food fibers in wholly grain products, vegetables, fruit, bean. At the majority of us these products are only addition to food.

So also the next way of removal as a rule does not work. It is not about mechanical daily clarification of a gleam of intestines, and about hourly clarification of blood by means of intestines.

A here slags and our organism collects much.

Mental stresses, a hypodynamia, smoking and especially improper feeding (surplus of the refined products, the wrong combination of products, an overeating, irrational ways of cooking, etc.) promote education in the increased amount of nedookislenny, alien substances, toxins. And if at such condition of an organism when accumulation of slags is increased, and their allocation is reduced, there comes sharp cooling of skin, secretory function of a nasopharynx kompensatorno increases. And the top airways work just as the safety valve.

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