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What is wanted by women? Questions and answers of

Each of us thought of this question more than once. Looked for the answer to it.

Ya decided to find the answer to this question, having learned opinions on it from the girl, having carried out the analysis of her opinion and having collected data, I received answers to some questions.

Why when when the woman says yes - it is not always yes, and is not present not always is not present?

The woman does not want to give the exact answer to the man`s question, for her it will be much more pleasant if the answer is reached by the man.

For example: You are busy but want to make to the girl pleasant and speak - Expensive can we will take a walk " today; she answers Well is not present the road you are very busy . You rejoice on such answer and continue to go about the own business, but then when you begin to talk to it you hear a sensitive note in its tone, you ask what happened that disturbs you - she answers: is not present just today day was not successful but actually the reason another, the girl wanted that when she said no, you finished it and enjoin to walk. It would give it huge pleasure.

Why even married women coquet with unfamiliar men?

Such at them nature, they can love you to distraction, but nevertheless it wants that other men turned on it attention. that admired it. Each girl wants to feel one and only.

Is investigative on such actions many men begin to be jealous, make awfully scandals and and is oath to shout that will kill all and her. But let`s present to

- your girl or the wife all the time stays at home, makes for you a lunch, raises your children. What happens to it: she watches herself less and less, its clothes are filled by only dressing gowns, its hairdress is excited and it should that extravagant beauty more and more that you fell in love with, and on housewife.

begins to sell your interest in it and you look for another again. Reflect and who is guilty? So the huge number of quite safe marriages collapses. Do not forbid the girl to work, of course let her work let will be not really serious, but such that she could always come on work to communicate to people to be engaged in business, to distract from household chores.

When you go down the street and stare at your girl - it is not bad too, it means that it is very beautiful and on it is not necessary becomes angry it costs is proud, proud that it yours but not the one who looked at it. When the girl coquets with someone it does not mean that she surely wants, something to build with this person, she wants to show what it irresistible and several flatter words her address will only strengthen her


Why women change?

70% of women change because think that their man changes and want to revenge him as if. 15% are incorrigible women who just love intimate proximity and this intimate proximity is more interesting to them constantly with the new partner, but also notice what for the same reason is changed by 80% of men, another 15% are those girls who had the only partner in life, that is you marry the innocent girl or just meet it, you are infinitely glad what you got such good girl and in all plans it only yours, but it spills out huge interest and how it will be with another?. And it changes, and 90% of percent of girls admit. that such change does not bring them not what pleasure, and to a turn that the intimate proximity with other person was extremely unpleasant to them. Many of them regret then it all the life, but also forever remain faithful only to the man. As they say there`s no evil without good.

All relationship are under construction on mutual trust and most often absence of this trust leads to undesirable results. Therefore before connecting life with someone think whether you trust it the person he trusts you, you love it or not whether your characters and so on meet.

Why women are so sensitive?

Men take offense on are large to faults, their offenses are stronger and are isolated by the facts. The man states an essence of current situation at once. Women take offense on trifles more, and in soul after each trifling quarrel they already forgave you to

very long time ago but do not want it to recognize as it will be pleasant to them if you still few times apologize to them. And by the way women very often avoid big litter, try to turn them a deaf ear. It is much more pleasant to them to be inflated for any trifle and by the way most often they do it for this purpose that you paid attention to them once again, asked what`s the matter? as most often the man is even perplexed what on him took offense at what in general happened? After you talk to it, apologize it most likely just will kiss you and will tell as she madly loves you! It is not necessary to inflate from this scandal. Will apologize few times, will not deliver you big work, and it will be pleasant to the woman and you from it there is nothing you will not lose.

Here of course not all questions which, torment each of us are considered, but from them it is simply impossible to answer everything.

Also you remember: - In each woman have to be a riddle? The woman has to be the greatest secret, on light! Then it will be always interesting to you and the spark of your love once will not go out.