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How to be if mood worse than ever?

What to do with bad mood? How to struggle with unwillingness to go to work? There you will be met by eternally sad employees? How to amuse the child who against a lack of vitamins ceased to laugh? And the beloved husband or the wife at a meeting in a bathroom look down, and all from a lack of optimism. How to solve this, very important problem? You remember, how at Bulgakov:

How it is long possible to list your small failures which fell down the head in a day? Long, very long! And try to stop the counter of problems and punctures, from these trifles all life chips in together. Try not to pay attention to annoying absurd.

You ask how? Yes it is very simple! As it is ridiculous, jumping from a bed in the morning, to watch from what leg you step on a floor, with left or spravy - step safely on both! In kitchen cheerfully zaurchat a teapot as a dissatisfied cat who was forgotten to be fed. Leaving an entrance, greet eternally dissatisfied neigbour and do not forget to smile to her. Already it is put base your mood.

The sky frowns, but it does not matter, the breeze slightly will blow, and already through clouds the shy ray makes the way. Already and grief it does not matter! We go further. How to be with the grumbler the chief who in an emphasis does not notice your new blouse, or a new suit? And why to you in general to be with it, be with most () yourself and with the good mood.

Being habitually seated at the desktop and including the computer, look, and suddenly something changed since yesterday? Here dust sat down on a table, draw a ridiculous mug of Masyani, and your mood improved even more! And suddenly your look falls in a window. There eternally drunk janitor swears at the driver, not put place which parked the car in. Directly - " theater; Kabuki . Here also it turns out that during every instant of our life there are different ridiculous situations which will help not to lose a charge cheerfulnesses for all day.

The most difficult moment is a return in the evening home. As it is difficult not to spill " nectar; good mood, with such work collected for all day. Try to carry him home in an integrity and safety. And on the way come into shop. And together with a package of the necessary, monotonous products which you buy every day buy something festive, can not absolutely to the place, but give a gift to yourself and to the relatives.

Bread Roll, two kefirs and bottle of " milk; - so I sang in the childhood when mother sent me to shop, and I did not want to stamp there at all. Even this set of products turned at me into a song, and everything was not so boring to go to shop!

As it is important to have positive mood for all day then life will seem more cheerful. Try, at you surely it will turn out. Not only you will be the winner, but also your family that is very important in our restless time when from the TV screen, from the receiver and the Internet the enormous avalanche of a negative falls upon us. Collapses and presses down messages on infinite crashes, acts of terrorism, increase in prices for utilities and so on and so forth.

Very not easy in such situation to remain calm and collected. Here also it turns out that we in the answer before the relatives for peace of mind. Now not only material welfare in a family, but also positive mood of her members is important. You can object me: there will be money - there will be both a laughter and pleasure. But, as approved the well-known Brazilian series, the rich cry too! Here also it turns out that happiness not in money and even not in their quantity. Happiness - in good mood and healthy mood. Be so happy, laugh on health!