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How to live in a chronic stress?

Since April me were almost not on the website. Good reasons. Serious illnesses of many relatives and itself too, behind them - financial difficulties, family problems, there are a lot of moving, need to contain a running cycle in full. It was necessary to lose much and from considerable to refuse. Nothing unusual - the chronic stress alternating flashes sharp. A question in the following - as the most often made recommendations about fight against a stress work at personal experience of the professional. Now willingly I will share.

1. To speak " more often; Is NOT PRESENT - favourite council of homebrew psychotherapists and psychologists. Does not work - you serve others houses and at work. Your reputation and earnings depends on it. The only exception - it is not necessary to communicate with the unidirectional consumers: time, energy, love.

2. Tranquilizers - antidisturbing means. It is very good though in the west of them even more often call dry " vodka;. Which - what of them were invented specially as means of correction of a fighting stress at soldiers (all of us - not in the war). The maximum term of treatment - 2 weeks. Further - dependence.

3. Antidepressants and stabilizers of mood. The main shortcoming - begin to work at full capacity by the end of the second week of regular reception in process of accumulation of concentration in an organism. To bear up to the end difficult, but it is possible.

4. Alcohol - the most available and known psychotropic drug. Powerful (if 1 - 3 time a month without opokhmeleniye), but conceals in itself risk of development of dependence and loss of reputation. Besides, regular reception requires a good health.

5. Planning - helps partly (wait for unforeseen introduction and react to them in due time). Sometimes therefore serves as an additional stress. It is therefore better to plan events inevitable and for the week ahead at most. And here this week to display everything on shelves. If you want to eat an elephant - make it on a piece. And if something does not leave - analyse, but forgive yourself and others. It is not necessary to be impulsive at all.

6. To rise earlier - lack of a dream exhausts. But if it is broken (early awakenings) - better not to turn in a bed and to make something necessary.

7. Physical exercises - it is very good if distracts nothing (the training free hall at the dacha, for example). And in general everything that it gives pleasure - is useful.

8. Does not help not to lie - well just in our mentality. But - it is not necessary and to be silent. As well as it is not a shame to ask and refuse the help - we not Volanda with Masters some. Interlocutors and listeners are simply necessary.

9. To make copies of keys and documents - rather good advice. To create houses the organized first-aid kit - besides.

10. To watch household and other appliances, to regularly make utility payments - too not bad, it is better to do it regularly, without waiting for a thunder-storm over you.

11. Water procedures (a bath, a shower, reservoirs) - it is very effective and eco-friendly. And here bioadditives - with care better on doctor`s orders.

12. Sometimes time passes uselessly (transport, turns). To it it is worth being ready. To carry with itself books (let a fiction), the daily log, to find time to be engaged in physical training etc. of

13. Not to be late and (the main thing!) not to wait for something too long. General delay - There will be enough 15 minutes, further what after would not be told.

14. At they are to forgive and once again to forgive itself and others. Not to forget to help others, than you can. At the moments of a chronic stress personal and others` imperfection see even clearer.

15. Sometimes to pretend that you are absent so - also - to switch off phones, to reason with nothing lack of feedback - as that Preobrazhensky: I do not want . And point. There are bell ringers - fans, there are people living others news. Let will look where - nibud in other place.

16. To throw out superfluous and especially superfluous injuring mentality from the house - here really wonderful council, coincides with points 5 and 7 a little.

17. If the small appetite and a piece in a throat does not climb - to eat all the same smaller on volume, but giving a necessary minimum of energy and useful substances (the same broth, dried fruits, chocolate, vegetables).

18. To save all material stocks, to lay off 10% not only money, but also the same drugs, and any expendables.

Everyone will have also ways, I intentionally listed not everything (for example, love and religion - very personal belongings). But anyway - the fact that we not in forces to take out is not sent us. So all - firmness of spirit!