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Emigrant illness or That happens to Russian abroad?

... Knowing Russian poorly and hardly, it was so lovely distorted. Whether and in their lips language the stranger addressed in native? . Are that in Eugene Onegin Russian ladies of Pushkin times. What happens to Russian of our person who got in " now; life abroad ?

There can be options.

The first from them: the person wants to forget about the past, otryast its ashes with a foot of the, to forget that its native language - Russian, and in this case passes to country language even with children and members of household. For those who know a foreign language well it is not a problem. For those who know it badly - real torture. Phrases are under construction clumsily, a pronunciation... Well, about it we will keep silent. And all this squeezeed-out German - a tracing-paper from Russian moreover and with a mass of dialect words.

The children who mastered foreign language for half a year and, certainly, forgetting native as parents decided that now they are the most raznemetsky Germans and at home in Russian - words good-natured laugh at father and the mammy. Sometimes the head of the family, without knowing how to formulate in German this or that thought, with all the heart will start the Russian abusive word, but then will bethink and will look back whether children heard. And children, certainly, heard and remembered. Often their Russian also consists only of these words and the whole phrases.

So, houses - any Russian, at school - too, and the culture of the country of an outcome is forgotten at all because the culture is, first of all, the speech. (Further the pathetic remains of this culture will remain at the subsequent generation in the form of the muddled melodies of the Russian songs, borsch and pies by holidays, and borsch will be called borzzhshch and pies - " pies;) .

Bonn, downtown. The very young angellike girls speaking among themselves in German. Suddenly, in an emotional rush, one of them issues the abusive phrase, worthy the ship boatswain, and the second answers same. After that both quietly pass to German, and lovely maiden chatter continues. I see. The Russian Germans, descendants of our natives of Kazakhstan and Siberia who grew up, and even born already in Germany. Them, I emphasize, their parents decided that Russian to children to anything. In my opinion, such tactics - a conscious obedneneniye of the children. They will fit into life of the new country surely, and here the rest, will advanced parents, from them it is taken away.

The second option of succession of events, the most dear and correct, but also the most difficult. On it not all are capable. Houses - only in Russian, carefully watching purity of language. At school, at work - in country language. Language of the country is constantly improved, in it read, it is learned, watch movies, but houses read to children the Russian books. Houses are a videoshop with the Russian movies and animated films, there is the Russian library, there are Russian children`s choruses, children are driven in sunday Russian schools, give to gymnasiums where the second foreign language - Russian, keep culture and the speech in all possible ways.

The child will grow up - itself will choose whom to him to be - whether a German, whether Russian. Most likely, he will become German, but the Russian speech absorbed since the childhood will always be its trump, its wealth. Of course, there are also funny things.

The daughter of our friends, having returned from a gymnasium, complained: My backpack spernut today. And still I abated I do not understand - What abated? - His horse, snow pochuya, trudges to a krysye as - nibud .

In children`s consciousness the concepts " are confused; beautiful and sexual . Younger sister of the above-mentioned girl, 5 years: Mother bought such sexy pink trousers to me... Mother corrects - not sexy and beautiful. Mother, sexy is that is beautiful . Against the truth you will not trample. Lips of the baby...

There is also third tactics, the most widespread - to neglect everything in conversation and to say how it is more convenient. This castration of the speech not for nothing call emigrant illness . Also there is independent, ridiculous language which is quite already able to be considered as a dialect where the German words submit to rules of the Russian grammar.

I to myself shonovy kulshrank on an angebota zabeshtelit. With it nakhlassy! And zabetsalyu after a liferung . It means that the reporting mister ordered to himself the beautiful refrigerator on a special offer, at greatly reduced prices, and will pay after delivery. At the same time speaking is quite sure that he speaks in German and knows this " language; in a perfect that is, in perfection.

An illness this not new, it also emigrants of the first wave had, it is only worth remembering the phrase from the French life : My vuatyura suffered aksidan in the fourteenth arrondisman (My car had an accident in the fourteenth district). Or, already later, nuclear bombovoza - that is, nuclear bombers.

Is, of course, and more simply to leave words which are difficult to translating into Russian adequately in the German option. For example, so favourite by the unemployed Arbaytzamt . Of course, it is easier to tell one this word, than Department on employment .

But as often you hear it, for example: Manue - e - ale! Mother zagt, you have to nudeln Essen. Mother zagt, so zagt. Hausaufgab made? Varum nayn? And who for you will be large objects? Mother? At mother any more zorgen is not present as to check your lessons! It unglyuk some, but not kind. Zofort at a table! . Perhaps, once Yiddish, from fancy mix of the Rhine dialects and the Slavic words introduced later was also born.

There are two universal German words - Oder - or and Habert - but . If business with German is absolutely bad, that is, well it is not possible to pronounce words, it is possible to speak in Russian, inserting into the right place these most Oder - Habert and too joining the German language environment. But it absolutely big rarity, our people masters language quickly enough, but as it is a pity, is very frequent in the above described strange option.

New emigransky dialects - ah, what fertile subject for scientific works! Linguists, I give...