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How to make a lunch on - fast? Already wrote

About fast dishes and a fast lunch, and more than once. But letters with requests come and come to personal mail. A century such, high-speed, we run, we hurry. Fast food is good for the time being. So far once again it will not appear on a hospital bed with food frustration. God forbid from such procedures. It is a pity if through couple of decades children do not know what is the real home-made borsch Also will forget taste of grandmother`s pies.

Fast lunch as in winter. As in summer already was.

Mixed vegetables - a hill .

Excellent decoration of any table - daily and festive. In the winter on such allsorts perfectly there are otvarnye fresh vegetables, greens. A hill put on a round dish in the portions:

200 g of boiled vegetables - potatoes, beet, carrots, any frozen mix previously boiled green peas or haricot from a jar;

of 200 g of fresh vegetables - paprika, cabbage, cucumbers, tomatoes;

of 50 g of cut green onions;

of 50 g of any greens.

As a result the dish from 500 g of mixed vegetables turns out. It is possible to serve to it sour cream, vegetable oil, yogurt, vinegar, soy sauce.

Vegetable soup on meat broth .

Vegetables will go to such soup any. Broth can be taken both chicken, and meat, and mushroom. What is. To cook such soup quickly, it is necessary to spasserovat at first all vegetables with oil in a pan.

We put a butter piece on a bottom of the chosen pan, then layers all vegetables - carrots, grated on a large grater, pieces of potatoes, onions, cabbage (color, white or broccoli), pieces of sweet pepper, haricot etc. From above we fill up with a layer of cut green onions, fennel and parsley. On strong fire we brown within 5 - 7 minutes. We add 1 l of ready broth in which chicken, meat or mushrooms cooked. Also we put pieces of fresh tomato. We salt. We cook 5 more minutes. Soup is ready.

We put pieces of meat or chicken in a plate, we pour vegetable soup, we strew with greens. Separately we serve sour cream.

On 1 l of broth - 1 carrots, 1 big tuber of potatoes, 100 g of cabbage, 1 small bulb, 1 pod of sweet pepper, 1 big tomato.

Home-made goulash .

For two portions 600 g of beef are necessary (fleshy part - a rump or a shovel). Meat carefully to wash up, dry a napkin and to cut on equal cubes. To put in a frying pan with oil or fat and to fry within 10 minutes. Then to add two small cut bulbs and to fry 10 more minutes. Then to sprinkle meat with flour (50 - 60 g) and 2 more minutes to take on fire. To put meat in a pan, to add two tablespoons of sour cream, 2 bay leaves, salt, pepper and a tablespoon of tomato paste. To close a cover and to protomit 10 more minutes. Goulash is ready. A tax with boiled potatoes. To strew with fennel greens.

Perfectly buckwheat down cereal will be suitable for a nourishing lunch . After such porridge does not getting hungry very long.

A glass of buckwheat to wash out, roast on a frying pan and to weld quickly in 0,5 l of milk. To salt and add sugar to taste. To wipe slightly cooled porridge through a sieve and its tax in the form of a hill. The air gentle squash turns out! To it it is possible to give anything - cream, sour cream, jam, jam, condensed milk. Or is without additives. Very pleasant taste.

For a dessert it is possible to give tea, coffee or juice. And it is possible to prepare a vitamin fruit drink .

To pound, fill in fruits of a dried dogrose with boiled water, to add cut apples. On 1 l of water - 4 - 5 apples and 3 - 4 tablespoons of a dry dogrose.

To cook on average fire 2 - 3 minutes. To filter. To add 2 spoons of honey and a piece of a lemon to a fruit drink. To fill up apples with sugar and to give separately. This fruit drink gives a charge of cheerfulness and saturates an organism with vitamins.

Quicker, than this lunch, it is possible to make only boiled eggs or to smear sandwich. Health of your family - in your hands. Bon appetit!