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How to give birth to the little genius? Each future mother dreams to give rise to

not only the healthy, beautiful, but also clever child. Mental abilities of the kid are formed till his birth - it is a fact in evidence long ago. Therefore, at a food allowance of the pregnant woman there have to be products influencing formation, formation and development of yet not been born child. Scientists of National institute of health care in Merlinda (many representatives of medicine agree with them) declare

that the woman during pregnancy, upotreblyuyashchy there is more fish, give birth to cleverer and sociable children.

Cod-liver oil the omega - 3 contains polysaturated fatty acids. Unfortunately not all people know that acids an omega - 3 are not produced by our organism. They are received from the fishes living in the cold seas such as sardines, a trout, a salmon, a mackerel. Recommend to eat fishes less average size since. large long-livers contain a lot of mercury in the organism. It is better to use polysaturated acids for more effective influence with vitamin E.

Scientists of the Helsinki university found out that the pregnant women struggling with a stress by means of a chocolate bar give birth to more active and friendly children.

besides influence development of mental capacities such food as: cranberry, bilberry, krupnolistovy beet, cabbage, spinach.

Should reminding that deficiency of iodine in an organism of the pregnant woman has an adverse effect on only on intellectual, but also on physical development of a fruit. Its sources are fish, seafood.

For development of intelligence of a germ to young mothers is useful to be engaged in any creativity: to knit, embroider, mold, etc.

Classical music also well influences yet not born kid. As the best works are recognized: Seasons Vivaldi, Swan lake and Nutcracker Tchaikovsky, the overture to the opera Ruslan and Lyudmila Glinka, The Ballet of not hatched baby birds and Powerful gate Mussorgsky, Shakherezada Rimsky-Korsakov and majority of works of Chopin, Schubert and Brahms. Some mothers, put earphones on a stomach and blow to listen to the kid of the fairy tale, verses, wood sounds, noise of a surf and even a course of occupations to a foreign language. You should not forget that direct communication of parents with the kid, stroking of a stomach of mother gives to not been born child sense of stability, a pacification. The emotional condition of a fruit influences both on physical and its intellectual development.

a Number of scientists consider that intellectuals are born in January, February, March.

Despite researches of stars of the world, it is worth to remember that practically each step, especially, as for food, young mother has to advise that with the gynecologist.