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The stomach hurts? And where?

U of everyone in life the stomach at least once hurt. Sometimes pain is followed also by other symptoms, such as nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, etc. Not always it is a reason for alarm.

Belly-ache can be sometimes caused by a usual overeating. Besides, some products, excess of fat, the increased gas generation, intolerance of lactose at the use of dairy products - all this can provoke pain which, as a rule, will be temporary and will pass in several hours.

But there are also more serious diseases which prove belly-ache.

In a stomach many vitals settle down. It is often difficult to define what hurts as pain travels. Hurts slightly above, is slightly lower, on the right, at the left.

Besides, happens, hurts in a stomach, and really sick body is beyond its limits. So, for example, belly-ache at pneumonia of the right lung is characteristic.

Pains around a navel can be connected with disorder of intestines or an inflammation of an appendix. The appendix can inflame at a delay a calla, passing through a rectum. Without appropriate treatment the appendix can break and cause peritonitis. Peritonitis - a peritoneum inflammation, a serious belly infection, life-threatening.

Pain slightly above a navel is, as a rule, connected with problems in a stomach. Among responsible for this pain there is gastritis, stomach ulcer, the increased acidity. Persistent pains in this place notify on problems of a duodenum, pancreas and gall bladder.

Pain is lower than a navel, can also will extend to the right and to the left, usually indicates disorders in a rectum. Infections and inflammations of urinogenital system can also occur at women.

Bol in the left top part of a stomach speaks about malfunctions of a thick gut, a stomach and pancreas.

Pain in the top right part, especially strong, points to an inflammation of a gall bladder. This pain can be felt to the central part of a stomach, and also be given in a back. Pancreatitis and disorders of a duodenum are other reasons of such pains.

Pain in the lower left part is usually connected with problems in a rectum. Various forms of colitis (ulcer, an illness Krone, spastic colitis) give pain exactly here.

Pain in the lower right part is connected with an inflammation of a thick gut or an appendix.

The walking pains which unexpectedly arise in various places, speak about problems, as a rule, in one body. Pains in a gall bladder can be given to breasts or the right shoulder. At pancreas problems some feel pain between shovels.

Pain in an abdominal cavity can arise also at a sharp form of an allergy, diseases of lungs and hearts.

In the majority cases pain is short-term. But at the rack repeating, the amplifying pain which, God forbid, is followed by short wind, dizziness, bleeding, heat, vomiting needs to see a doctor immediately.

Finally all would like to wish a good health.