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Outcome from Egypt: whether was and when?

I am a Lord, your God Who brought you out of the earth Egyptian, out of the house of slavery... 10 precepts, a core of the Old Testament So begin

. Funny, but the lion`s share esteeming this desyatislovy any Egypt did not leave. And their ancestors - too.

But the speech in article will go not about it. It is interesting when in reality there was an outcome of those who all - left Egypt. And whether there was it?

Biblical scholars break a spear over exact dating of events very long ago. I found several mentions of flight of people from Egypt in different sources. In some of these streams there could be also prayevre.

The first date is connected with the volcano Santorini which destroyed a so-called Minoan civilization in Crete. He exploded by different estimates in 1660 - 1500 B.C. There are researchers claiming that there and there was Atlantis, but it another story altogether. Ten executions Egyptian bear to the disasters which comprehended Egypt as a result of this eruption a strong resemblance.

I will remind these executions Egyptian (chapter 7 - the 12th book the Outcome):

1) transformation of river water into blood;

2) an exit from the river of toads;

3) midges;

4) pes of a fly ;

5) death of cattle;

6) inflammations with abscesses on all live;

7) hail;

8) locust;

9) darkness;

10) death of firstborns.

Santorini - now a horseshoe island in the Aegean Sea. Eruption just broke off the island, without having left a stone on a stone and from a volcano. Volcanic ashes closed the sky on hundreds of kilometers around the accident site. Its scales were that that the darkness hung also over Egypt. Then abnormal rainfall with ashes impurity dropped out. Ashes painted water of the rivers in red color. The poisoned water expelled toads on the land, caused diseases and death of animals and people. Midges - a direct consequence of death of all live.

During this period many people left Egypt, and the way from it was possible only through Palestine. That is it is the first possible date of the Outcome.

If the bible Outcome occurred later, the described events all the same were stamped on the national memory very fine. And later writers connected them to the Outcome in one time and in one legend.

The second possible date of the Outcome. In 1540 B.C. giksosa were finally crushed... (Giksosa - alien with North - the East the people which conquered Egypt several centuries ago. With them, perhaps, also ancestors of Jews got here.) And so, giksosa were crushed and expelled from Egypt, the native Egyptian dynasty began to be restored. All alien were expelled or became slaves.

The third date is connected with a name of the Egyptian Pharaoh Amenhotep IV (1375 - 1358 B.C.). It entered monotheism, having forced all kingdom to worship only god to Aton. Even changed the name to Ekhnaton (pleasing to Aton). Well, also overthrew Amon - Ra, other powerful Egyptian deity. After death of the Pharaoh Amon`s cult - Ra returned, persecution was suffered all worshipping Aton. Thus, this version says about deportation or unauthorized withdrawal from Egypt of many people for religious reasons. But after Ekhnaton`s death up to the 13th century B.C. there were secret sects of Aton so most of all the following date will be coordinated with the Bible and with idea of monotheism.

The fourth date. The Pharaoh Ramesses II (1290 - 1222 B.C.) widely used a slave labor in construction. Perhaps, revolt broke out and there was a flight of group of these slaves from Egypt.

The Judaic tradition dates the beginning of the Outcome 1312 B.C.

Time will tell. Perhaps, something will be found by future excavation, something will be joined, something will be in a new way comprehended. The science does not stand still, and should not. It is always interesting when myths find the real embodiment.