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Training of the beginning journalists. How to learn to look for information?

Information training Introduction

Today we will try to find

in ourselves opportunities and abilities for finding of information. This most important for the journalist is possible - to find and convey information for the reader. Many editions and school newspapers, are boring from - for lack of novelty and informational content. For a start let`s make warm-up.

Task 1

Auction of events Let`s carry out by

auction of the events which took place in recent days. I remind that the one who the last called an event wins in auction. Events can be any from small to very big.

Task 2

Whether you know that

I so we made active the memory. But all - what is not enough for your offers in order that they were considered as full journalistic information? - Correctly novelty. Because that for interest to tell that, as it is so known. In five minutes you have to remember (or to think up, but it is plausible) something that nobody knows. In 5 minutes you will tell three news, beginning with the words And you know that

" Task 3

; Information " resources;

Information is always attached to something. It either place, or time, or person or event. And from each binding there is both information and the style. Sometimes just and suggest to find information on the beach in edition, or something that happens in the morning. Let`s unite in groups on four. Each group receives a casual set of places, time, people, events. It is necessary to remember or find the unknown information connected with these bindings.

Task 4


can Not always obtain information. Here is how to learn what happened on the street if the streetlight was the only witness? You will not ask him. The truth is one way. It is possible to present itself to that an inanimate object or an animal with whom there is a wish to have a talk. It is called empathy. Let`s try to present itself some subject. Where you have a head now? Where legs? What can hurt you most of all? What happens to you when people approach? When to you it is sad and when it is cheerful? Now try to tell us about the feelings so what all others would guess that for a subject you thought.

A homework will be to interview some, usually silent object.

Task 5

Free exchange

now. Simple as you should learn information each other. And difficult as you will do it at the same time. All got up. You in five minutes need to learn as much as possible each other. It can be biographic data, opinions, school knowledge etc. It is possible to learn as much as possible from one person, and it is possible slightly - slightly at different. Began!

Task 6

General circle. I ask to state impressions about today`s meeting. What thoughts appeared? What wants to be made?

Task 7

General circle. Let`s pay in turn a compliment to the neighbor at the left. I remind a compliment that this positive that you noticed in the person exactly today, on this occupation.