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How there was the smallest state of Europe? A dignity - Marino of

San - Marino - one of the smallest states in the world, however, despite it, it has not only frontier and army, but also own calendar which is not depending on other Europe. It counts history from the date of the basis San - Marino therefore in this country now only the seventeenth century.

The capital San - Marino which is called as well as the state, is located on the rock reminding the huge ship. The view from the rock opens fascinating especially as Italy was below stretched. Titano`s rock is called, and it has even several stories of emergence.

It agrees one of them, in far antique times Zeus periodically battled against titans. And once in one of such battles he grabbed the huge rock and, without thinking twice, threw it in one of attackers. To the enemy, naturally, the end came, and he was forever buried under a heavy block of a stone. However there is a version that everything was much simpler: Zeus just turned into the rock of the attacking titan on him.

At the name of the country also quite interesting story. It says that once long ago in the 4th century there lived a certain mason Marinus who was a zealous Christian. However his sincere belief arranged not all, and in particular this fact of the emperor Diokletian irritated. Therefore one fine day 301 years to escape from religious prosecutions, Marinus had to run from native Dolmation to Italy.

Having arrived to the destination, he got on a back of the hardened titan in full confidence that on such high and his uninhabited rock hardly anyone - nibud will find. However its expectations were met only partially as this rock at that time belonged to the Roman matron and a zemlevladelitsa Felichissima. Somehow walking on the possession, she also found Marinus. They got to talking and as Felichissima was the convinced Christian too, without thoughts presented the rock to the new acquaintance. He lodged there, and soon Marinus`s destiny turned in such a way that still during lifetime it was canonized and recognized the Saint. To it came to many people, many remained in vicinities, built houses, made families.

As a result of the settlement so expanded that in the 9th century there was quite created civil society. Already then there was a document which is a prototype of the modern Constitution. It was called subtly - Judicial diploma of Feretrano also regulated life of a community which was based on self-government, but not on tyranny of the adjoining Italian feudal lords. Therefore San - Marino can call the most ancient European republic.

Throughout all existence San - it independence repeatedly tried to deprive of Marino. The Italian tyrants, Avstro`s governors - the Hungarian empire and even the Pope encroached on fertile lands more than once. However the state never gave in to either threats, or arrangements. Having constructed strong defensive works, residents of the small country successfully resisted to conquerors. A dignity - Marino it is still surrounded with three fortresses - Guaita, Chesta and Montale who are connected among themselves by the walls binding the country through.

San Square - Marino only 60 But besides the capital, in the country there are also other cities: Faetano, Fyorentino, Domanyano, Serravalle... However more they are similar to villages, than to the cities. To the small state - small small towns.

A dignity - Marino - the small state with ancient history. It is an example of surprising firmness when the aspiration to keep independence and freedom overcomes fear and gives rise to amazing events and heroic feats for the homeland benefit.