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What will bring wind of change to books?

When I see bookstore, I convulsively think how many I at me with myself money whether there is a card, and look for the VISA badge on doors of shop. I become absolutely deranged as that elephant losing will power at flute sounds. At the same time the format of shop often does not matter. It can be the whole building with bright huge draft letters or, on the contrary, the cellar with the faded, peeled sign which scraps quietly wave from wind.

Having seen uncountable quantity of backs on shelves and covers on tables for novelties, I understand that hands already something grabbed and began to thumb through. I do not know why, but first of all, having opened the book, I stick in it a nose. In literal sense of this word. And slowly, almost skin I inhale a smell. And then still, both still, and still, while the body is final, to a stupor, will not be sated with this aroma. Only after this eye find ability again to see and slowly some piece of a brain responsible for the analysis wakes up. The name of the book, the author and even the summary becomes visible.

However, quite often after the first breath the choice comes to an end. There now I do not like this smell, can do nothing with myself. And some disappear (very little) right after a touch, the book in hands somehow does not lay down. Of course, it concerns so-called free choice from the category what such to esteem also does not extend to books which need just to be bought, for business.

And that happens to me when I see old - prestary thick - the pretolsty book, with yellowish, firm and as though fragile pages, with a smell of time and thousands of touches - I cannot even find words, only silently I gasp a mouth, I do passes by hands and expressively I stare in the fulness of the heart.

The choice of the book for me some kind of ritual, an award, 13 - I am a salary, a prize, depression, avitaminosis medicine and a scurvy. From thought that there will pass not a lot of time and books will move to the PERMANENT RESIDENCE to the Internet, I begin clonic spasms and a nervous tic.

Yes, there is a mass of advantages of virtual books, and I used electronic libraries more than once. Here both instant search of the necessary fragment, and an opportunity to put a bookmark, and unlimited access even to the only thing in the world to the edition N - a leg of year (try - to get it in usual library!) . It and the best conditions for writers, with an opportunity to sell books directly on the website, passing arm-twisting and painful negotiations with publishing house. Moreover, about a number of books it is rumored that at first they were approved on the Internet - open spaces, considered comments and changes of readers and critics, and then were published in paper form. And it is plus, it somewhere even " too; an individual approach to the client .

And still speak, there will be no publishing houses not only soon, but also authors. Already now there were special programs which quite in power to cook up a household romanchik, as those which now unless in greengrocery are not on sale. Characters, their description, traits of character, the main events - and everything are loaded into the program, all plot is written without participation of the person. Tyap, a mistake - it is ready! Prostenko, it is plain, but 3 hours only. And any to you proofreaders, editors, designers. Cheap but good. It is necessary to improve only a little system - and the unsophisticated inhabitant will read this book with not smaller interest and will not even suspect the author of virtuality.

Oh, not for nothing Chinese damn, to live during an era of changes . Rough technical progress takes everything: communication, language, technologies and already reached books.

But unless reading from the screen is capable to be compared to a sound of the book opened for the first time? Or clicks of a mouse can replace a rustle of the turned page?

I do not trust! (c).

Yes, for study or work it is exciting to save a lot of time due to fast access to electronic base. But fiction? It is really possible to present time without books?

It is good even if there is that period when books cease to publish. Let. But there will pass a little time - and everything will return. How it was with cinema, remember? There will be neither cinema, nor theater, one continuous television . Yes, there is a lot of television now, and the cinema and theaters became much more, than till their era falling . And with books. Time is just necessary to understand and realize this value.

Tomorrow wind will be changed,

Tomorrow last in exchange

It will come, it will be kind, tender,

Wind of change.