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How modern financial pyramids mask? The schemes MLM

tried to involve me in one Internet Quite recently - a pyramid.

The fact that it is a pyramid I guessed not at once. In the beginning it was necessary to penetrate into the main point. And when understood that it is a natural pyramid, or - on - modern - the scam, thought: why not to share the analysed information with Shkolyzhizni`s readers. ru?

Any financial pyramid including on the Internet, all lives only due to attraction of new and new participants. It can exist only until it is possible to attract new members in the ranks. Each new participant brings the money in a pyramid and from this point becomes her hostage. As soon as inflow of new members decreases, and this time inevitably comes, the pyramid begins to fall.

It is possible to designate several directions of an outfoxing the Internet - communities.

One of them - real multilevel marketing - MLM (multi - level marketing) where emphasis is placed on sale of any goods or service. The method in itself - neither is bad, nor is good. Everything depends on what is on sale and as everything is organized. There are also quite dear MLM - the companies. Under them MLM - pyramids on the Internet in which, at first sight, everything looks decently also mask. There are goods - there are buyers. Directly the Internet - shop.

Other direction is pure financial . Neither goods, nor services the Internet - pyramids are involved in these. In fact, it is restoration old kind financial pyramids on a new round of technological development of society when begin to be used actively by the Internet - money . Usually the top the Internet - pyramids is made by small group of supporters who hire participants of the second level. Second " level; builds the third and so on. For inclusion in team it is required to bring a small contribution. Money members of a pyramid are earned only due to involvement of new participants.

New financial the Internet - technologies many unsophisticated users of the Internet perceive literally as Ali`s cave - Women where money rolls under legs, it is only necessary to bend and lift. It seems to them that on the Internet you will go on the left - you will find money, to the right you will go - still money you will find, and you will directly go - you will not escape from money, they you will catch up . Well, without options! There will be all in chocolate, and the Goldfish will serve you, and you will have her on parcels . Such users of the Internet, first of all, also become the victims of scams.

- scams and their filling professional psychologists - generally experts on neuro - to linguistic programming are engaged in development of the websites in . At the first the Internet - contact on the website of the company - pyramids can ask you a rhetorical question: Wonder, you will undertake work which is perspective, reliable, a dolgosrochn, also the sverkhvysokooplachivayema is prestigious ? If yes - welcome to us in the company because these five directions of cooperation with clients and partners were chosen for itself by the Management of our " Company;.

And now ask yourself a question: whether there will be at least one person on 1000 which will answer the similar question is not present ? All dream of it, even those who will organize own business, - businessmen. It is not accepted to refuse such offers. But what is behind it?

To possible future partners open the " cards; tell in what remarkable production this company trades. It can be some wonderful the plant which grew in the far-away country and bringing all wonderful healing from various diseases. Seldom say that it is possible to be treated absolutely from everything . It will be too fantastic to look. In reality the harmless plant which does not treat " extends at best; from anything and only plays a placebo role, that is the effect brings the relation of the specific patient to to the wonderful medicine bringing healing.

Other company will suggest you to trade in superhi-tech the medical equipment which use does not demand medical education, but (here really miracles!) treats from everything well as a last resort - almost from everything . You will not find the description of the principle of work of these a miracle anywhere - devices, you will be acquainted only with numerous examples a miracle - healings without participation of doctors.

Well, to you suggest to buy what is called black box . The device which it is unknown as is arranged. I will notice in brackets, its device - a big secret! It is clear. Publish they this secret - right there will be experts - faultfinders who will explain to all that it is utter nonsense! But on the website will show you a photoshoot with happy buyers who got rid from the most incurable diseases. And they in the comments will confirm that in total indeed, this device - a real miracle!

At random the followed example. The photo of joyfully smiling woman is given, her not very young age is specified. Inform. What was: Chronic fatigue, there were no vital forces, irritation, nervousness and sleeplessness . What was applied: Used (of course, our surprising a miracle - the device) 10 minutes also felt energy of life . What became: There was a sound sleep, good mood, working capacity " doubled;.

These websites are intended not for direct buyers of production at all, and for the as they emphasize everywhere, partners. And here the credulous person who at this moment is not going to make a fool of someone at all and only seeks to do much good for mankind and at the same time to earn something, it is bought on such interesting offers also makes the decision to participate in new and progressive business, especially as it superprofitable .

Over such businessmen with might and main the Internet - community sneers. Even offer humiliating slogans. For example: Give $2000 - and lose friends, acquaintances and the family! . And look how deeply dug! Really, involving relatives in adventure, it is possible to lose them forever.

Concealment of the legal, physical and e-mail addresses can become additional confirmation that a certain business is the disguised pyramid; the requirement to attract other participants in this business; initial - sometimes considerable - the contribution masking under purchase of goods for the subsequent resale; all cash flows go black cash. But main tag pyramids - the free income. Be careful of them!

When offer you new trade business on the Internet, you do not hurry with the decision, properly comprehend the offer. Make the decision, having only weighed all for and against .