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The speaking parrot. What for this purpose is necessary?

First of all, of course, a bird. The choice of a parrot depends on many factors. First of all, from your wishes. Besides, from financial opportunities and a limit of time which you will be able to give to the live acquisition.

Ordinary wavy (naturally, a male) will talk and will be able to learn up to 100 - 150 words. You, certainly, should make certain efforts on its training, but they entirely will come true when you for the first time hear the distinct speech of a pet. It is rather convenient and pleasant choice. Wavy popugaychik in life are unpretentious, widespread. Costs of such bird will make rather insignificant sum. It is required to time, efforts and your trembling love, care and attention much more in order that the tiny warm miracle, such tender and friendly, said the first short phrase.

will tell larger of a korell more intelligible, than a wavy popugaychik, and a lexicon at it it is notable more widely. If with it rather seriously to be engaged (spending almost as much forces, how many and for his wavy fellow), quite really to achieve that the bird will master a lexicon in 200 - 250 words. Certainly, option more expensive from the material point of view. But, at the same time, more acceptable for those who have no time to stay hours without a break, talking to the little flyer and convincing him of obvious truth: Kesha good .

And, at last, the third of the most widespread species of parrots, as a rule, the favourites of the population, which are included in the list zhako . Of the size of a pigeon, the noisy, loud, uneasy and very respecting disorder. Alas, this breed does not differ in cleanliness. Therefore be ready that the garbage from a cage will be scattered within several meters or to be taken away on all apartment. Its characteristics are that. There is more.. At once It should be noted especially that zhako - the most expensive of all above-mentioned. Buying such parrot, you get at the same time huge pleasure and so huge headache. Zhako smyshlyona, are easily trained, dolgozhivushch. Master and remember from 300 to 500 words. The record richness of a lexicon for zhako was recorded in the middle of the 20th century. It made 800 words.

Anyway on whom your look would not stop: a wavy popugaychik, the Karelian, zhako or some more exotic version - you took the first step on the way of finding of the new friend, a little bit unusual and not always answering in the subject however very sincere and cheerful.

So if you decided on breed, then it is possible to pass to the following stage - acquisition and training. And, therefore, for purchase it is considered ideal to start training 3 - monthly age of a baby bird. It is that period when he quite feathered and does not need guardianship of the loving relatives any more.

The first business after you became the happy owner of a live miracle, is natural - to name it worthy to . Here, as well as everywhere, the subtleties exist. The most widespread nicknames with which careful owners award pets can conditionally be divided into three categories. It is, of course, only about those names which will be acceptable if you want that your bird began to speak.

1. Short, distinct. With pronounced hissing. For example, Kesha, Gosha, Pashka. These nicknames will be pertinent. They are well remembered and easily said.

2. Short, ringing. With a rolling sound r . According to many (quite reasonable, by the way), it is the best of options of names. For example, Garik, Patrick, Lavrik. Parrots with big passion and hobby pick up everything growling .

3. the Names combined and original. In two previous categories traditional nicknames are listed. However often owners of parrots invent names or use less widespread. For example, Kerry, Heinrich etc. Up to the most unusual and fancy. But, it is worth noticing, as at the same time it is necessary to consider specifics of the name calculated on a bird. Certainly, it is undesirable to call a parrot Ketsalkoatl or as - nibud in the same sort.

In general, for selection of a name the main thing to observe several main criteria: brevity, clearness, availability, convenient pronunciation.

Training of a parrot of the human speech , in fact, same process, as training of the child. Therefore here a certain system is necessary.

In - the first, it is not necessary to select and pronounce phrases in which you want to train a bird, chaotically, at random. Ogranichtes a certain set of five - six offers also vary them, saying in different sequence. The selected offers have to be small, intelligent and accurately pronounced. It is strongly recommended in the beginning (in any case until the parrot does not learn the first lesson) to avoid difficult terms and long words.

In - the second, talking to a parrot and repeating him control phrases, try not to abuse frequent change of intonations with which you say them. Stop on one rhythm and tone of the speech, remember this combination and use every time when you begin to be engaged with a bird. A parrot - first of all the mocker, an imitator. He remembers not only words, but also a manner to pronounce them. Therefore frequent and fast change of an intonational row can bring down it.

In - the third, all birds of family of parrots are susceptible to environment sounds. Perfectly parody them and invent new combinations. Inclusion of your pet in the world of sounds from the outside, undoubtedly, will do it good. However, these should not be fond excessively. If you want to achieve from a bird of the speech, communicate with it more, but do not allow it to chirp about the with sparrows on the street.

Here it is necessary to carry and the popular belief in what I will scare is useful to listen to the TV or radio. Say, it will gather dictionary base, new to itself(himself) from there. Really, will gather. But far not at once. At the initial stage of training it is better not to address such method. And if there is no other way out then to use it as seldom as possible.

And one more council finally. Parrot, of course, not a dog... And even not a cat. However will not be harmful at all if at first with it only one person or small group of people is engaged. Subsequently from similar strogost and restrictions it is possible and it is necessary to refuse safely.

In a word, being persistent, attentive, careful and patient, without demanding from the pet too much at once, but also without allowing to relax, you will achieve results already soon and will be able to show with pride to all acquaintances clever, clever, kind, manual and - besides - the speaking parrot!