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What is telepathy?

In the " newspaper; To the Nye - York tayms “ the editorial article telling that at least at one university where researches in the field of mental phenomena are conducted, some conclusions were drawn was published. The short analysis of work of professor of Rhine and his colleagues from Duke University is presented in article.

On pages of the newspaper are presented the remarkable results received by professor and his colleagues during more than hundred thousand tests undertaken with the purpose to prove or disprove existence of telepathy or clairvoyance. The results of research were summed up in two articles published in the " magazine; Harper’s Magazine “. In the second of them the author, E. G. Wright, tries to draw preliminary conclusions of rather exact nature “ ekstrasensorny “ perception forms.

by results of experiments of doctor Rein existence of telepathy and clairvoyance by many scientist is represented very probable. The task was set for different people: to guess as much as possible cards from a special pack without any possibility of usual touch perception of drawings. The group approximately was brought out of ten men and women who guessed cards so often and regularly, “ that there could not be also one chance of one billion some luck or accident “.

But how they did it? Forces which they used (if to allow existence of similar forces) had the extra sensual nature. For them there was no known body of perception. Experiments were successful equally well both at distance of hundreds of miles, and within one room. On opinions of Mr. Wright, these facts disprove an explanation of a phenomenon of telepathy and clairvoyance by means of any theory of radiation, the having physical nature. All known types of radiant energy decrease in proportion to a distance square to a source. Does not happen to telepathy and clairvoyance of it, but they, as well as other psychological abilities of the person, depend on his physical state. Contrary to widespread opinion, telepathic and yasnovidchesky force increases not when the person is in a condition of a dream or a somnolence and when is awake and is ready to action. Professor Wright found out that drugs steadily worsen productivity of experiments, and stimulators always improve it. At the same time even the most unreliable participants of experiments do not achieve the maximum result if do not apply to it all the of forces.

Wright with confidence comes to a conclusion that gift of telepathy and clairvoyance has the identical nature. The same ability allows “ to see “ the cards turned by a shirt up, and “ to read “ the thoughts which are given rise in consciousness of other person. To it there are several proofs. Still, for example, both gifts are found in the person possessing at least one of them and are shown almost with identical intensity. Screens, walls and distances do not serve as an obstacle neither for telepathy, nor for clairvoyance. From here Wright comes to the reasonable assumption that other types of ekstrasensorny perception - prophetical dreams, a presentiment of accidents and so on, - most likely, too will be manifestation of this gift.