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Whether you are afraid of criticism?

Let`s consider some symptoms of fear of criticism? Most of people live under the influence of relatives, friends and society, sometimes so strong that they cannot lead own life from - for fear of criticism.

Many make a mistake in the choice of the marriage partner and for the rest of life remain unfortunate as are afraid that they will be condemned if they try to improve situation. (Everyone who is familiar with this kind of fear, understands what irreparable injury it causes, upsetting ambitious aspirations and killing desire something to reach in life).

neglect Millions of people an opportunity to get additional education after the termination of educational institution because are afraid of criticism.

the Uncountable great number of men and women, young and elderly, allow relatives to destroy the life for the sake of a debt because are afraid of criticism. (Call of duty does not demand at all from the person of refusal of personal ambitions and the right to live life as he wants.)

People refuse to try the hand in business as they are afraid of condemnation in case of failure. The fear of criticism in such cases is stronger, than desire to achieve success.

Many do not want to set before themselves the high purposes and even neglect in the career choice as they are afraid of criticism from relatives or friends who can tell: Do not aim so high, and that people will think that you went balmy .

When Andrew Carnegie suggested the friend to devote twenty years of life to development of the system of personal success, the fear was the first feeling of the friend: what will be told by people? Carnegie`s proposal set such high aim of which achievement he also could not dream before the friend. His consciousness instantly gave a number of justifications and causes of failure from this invention, and all of them were a consequence of fear of criticism. Some internal voice whispered to it: You will not cope work is too big and will take too much time what your relatives will think of you?. how you will earn to yourself a living?. still nobody undertook creation of philosophy of success, so what right you have to think what at you will turn out?. who are you such, eventually, to aim so high?. remember the origin?. what can you know about philosophy?. people will call you the madman (so it also was) why someone another did not make it earlier?. These

and many other thoughts at lightning speed flew in his consciousness. It seemed, the whole world unexpectedly looked at it with a sneer, laughing at the proposal of Mr. Carnegie. At that moment this person had

a fine opportunity to destroy ambitious aspiration before it got the best of it. Later, having got acquainted with life experience of thousands of people, he came to a conclusion that the majority of ideas are deadborn to the world, and in them it is necessary to inhale life in the form of the accurate plan of immediate actions. Time to foster idea comes from the moment of its birth. Every minute of life strongly increases its chances of a survival. The fear of criticism is the cornerstone of death of the majority of ideas which did not reach a stage of planning and realization.