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What is the kotsky mood or How not to lose the head at changes?

Kotsky mood, that is mood of the walking March cat who from the hormones of light storming in an organism does not see are peculiar to most of men and women, despite the marriage unions and the long intersexual relations. Such feeling that the nature is not capable to be reconciled with the culture and morals invented by the person. She actively resists, throws up in the couple third figure and observes how the animal will prevail over education.

Of course, to everyone to decide that he will choose: to give in to revolt of hormones and to move on their call or to circumspectly lock itself within four walls and to wait. Often suffering and breaking hands in a quiet corner, becoming reserved, your half only does worse to the relations. Makes scandals actually out of the blue, not always even realizing on what they zizhditsya. The trust which was earned with years is lost.

Well and of course you in accuracy can also lose all acquired empathy. That ability to understand emotions of the neighbor. You will not want to accept and realize that not only you are capable to be pleasant to it, and therefore you, being to the maximum closed from pain, at the same time forget and to feel the partner.

It is a little simpler when the filmstar or the character from literature because here you can be sure that further words and emotions nothing is expected becomes a subject of desire. Whatever were the actor or the actress attractive, they remain nevertheless inaccessible. In such situation it is not always clear when whether all this will end and will end in general. If your partner infinitely prays on posters and movies, photos, to put beautiful wall-paper on a desktop, then it by all means will tire you. And if it turns into obsession, then in your bed there can be someone the third, though only imagined.

Worst of all to remain the victim of hormones of the partner that is when you the fidelity are an eyesore to him, and he does not represent how so to tell about the adventures. To call the half suffering for simplicity of response to similar manifestations of animal passions it is useless, and to look here from a different angle - it is possible to try. There is a question: and how to begin how to try to explain it? In any case - itself to explain to another.

Let`s begin with the fact that it is necessary to be defined in concepts. Let`s separate love, attachment from flirtation and hobby. And if you are ready to discuss the hobbies with the partner, he means to you it is dear. Here it is also worth beginning with it. I love you, my charm, but understand, so it turns out The main thing can be the Result of such dialogue anything, - not to forget that it is dialogue, but not suggestion of one partner to another about the views of the next infinity.

How it can be proved? Than it is possible to protect itself from the real change? An inevitable and easiest stage of the relations - flirtation. Convenient and elementary form of attraction to of attention. Flirtation as natural manifestation of not always comes to an end with real sex, but gives unique pleasure which often realizes itself already in a house situation. Without coming for its borders, you will be able always to amuse yourself and to remain honest with darling. And if a reasonable half does not make row, and will suggest to continue conversation in a bed, everything can cheerfully be resolved also orgazmichesk.

Allowing itself and the partner flirtation, you are only enriched emotionally. Having introduced the invigorating feelings of an imaginary gain, on the one hand, you conditionally satisfy animal aspiration thirst of new " blood; and with another - you add delicacy and concern. Agree, in a situation of the competition it to be pleasant to darling much more pleasantly.

Do not lose the head and do not panic, but the most important - do not forget that to try to kill two birds with one stone is more useless, than to create a cosiness and heat with one.

Do not lose darlings!