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How to cook cheese soup and what it differs from cheese soup in?

in What differ cheese soup from cheese soup? Question? And the answer is simple to impossibility, and differs in this cheese. It appears, cheese soup is a product of a hi-tech 20th century.

Of course, it is possible to find several recipes of soups with cheese in ancient recipe-books. But all this not that! Not to find in the real cheese soup of cheese! It is completely dissolved in water to a uniform consistence.

With usual firm cheese such number does not pass. It does not want to be dissolved completely, even melted in boiled water with water does not mix up also a basis of soup cannot become in any way.

Before emergence of a national product - processed cheeses - to culinary specialists the real cheese soup was inaccessible. In 1911 the way of fall of temperature of melting of cheese which was at the same time protecting cheese from stratification at long heating was invented. Ancestors " were born; Friendship Waves and " Amber;. After them births someone`s head was also visited by thought to part a processed cheese in liquid.

Syrno - soup the technology, by the way, arose not from scratch. On the properties sheep cheese is the closest to processed cheeses, it was used by our ancestors, slav brothers use in national dishes and today.

In Slovakia sheep cheese is dissolved in water, as well as a processed cheese. Then in this broth cook home-made noodles, filling it with fat and a paprika. The neighboring Czech Republic cooks noodles in water, and only at the end of process throw cut cubes sheep cheese.

Nobody cooks firm cheeses. Italians their tinder also strew ready soups directly in a plate. French slice wafer-thin, stack them in a plate, and from above fill in with broth with vegetables and other components.

The technology of modern cheese soup is simple, its variations allow to prepare quickly various tasty dishes with anything. - not to cook the basic rule too long, and having prepared - to eat at once.

For obtaining the expressed taste and color it is necessary to take not less than 100 grams of processed cheese on water liter. This first indispensable condition. The second - only the ingredients almost ready to the use which are not demanding long culinary processing get to soup.

Vegetables and meat, sausages and sausages, smoked products and seafood can be such components. The muzzle accepted Aba - as my grandmother sometimes used to say. If you are ready to eat that you decided to add to soup - means, everything is all right, add and taste the received result.

Now, actually, about technology. Crude products - we fry meat, mushrooms and vegetables, it is possible directly in a saucepan in which then soup will cook. Having fried everything that is necessary, we fill in ingredients with water (persons interested can add some white dry wine) and we cook practically to readiness. Before the end of cooking we dissolve small cut processed cheese in boiled water.

Practically all. As an additive it is possible to recommend to add to soup one couple of minutes prior to removal from fire small cut products which are not demanding processing, for example, sausage. Well look and toasts and greens are tasty eaten. Forgot about salt and spices - well, it as to whom is pleasant.

Both meat, and vegetables - not so obligatory components. And tasty cheese onions soup will turn out quite beautiful if nothing any more high-calorie was in the refrigerator.

Bon appetit!