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How to have a rest for all week in 48 hours?

of Raspushaya feathers downwind, you seek to be successful, forgetting on the road that, the more money in a pocket, the there is less time for their expenditure. From the return party of this medal, you sit and look out of the broken window of the barrack because there is nothing to insert glass and there is nothing to be warmed. And, as they say, there is no harmony, there were one balalaikas.

The majority of us follows the line of least resistance at the choice of specialty and the more so works, and therefore Friday becomes long-awaited and great day of a separation from bored. It is good still if holiday is possible to find for two weeks two times a year, to create to himself rest illusion. And if is not present? Every new Monday you understand that you did not manage to be forgotten, did not manage to have a rest. The irritation and fatigue which are smoothly flowing in a stress and a depression collects.

Employers look for those who safely declare about the resistance to stress and workaholism that then there was a chance to stick into the letter written though before seldom reaches. Slackness and total absence of a look on a workplace regard only as due, and will undertake nothing. Occasionally, of course, there are unique heads for whom motivation - not a set of letters. What to say about them yes, give better about you, and?

How to have a rest in the allotted 48 hours, and sometimes and 24 taking into account that and there is a wish to sleep, and something useful to create? I offer several not universal councils in style a unisex.

In - you cannot make up for the lost time, and therefore to treat the first a sleep debt peresypy - a bad method. Better antioxidants and physical rest and walk around the house on Friday (just before a dream) an hour - another will allow you to sleep also in 7 hours. And a good bonus for you will be the fact that you will not lose a half of day on a senseless fulling in a bed.

In - the second, please yourself with any household trifle. For certain in series of everyday life you do not manage to sing to yourself under a shower, to slowly drink coffee, admiring a view from the window, or to carry out an infinite number of minutes in the bathtub filled with warm foamy water. At everyone a similar trifle only.

In - the third, change scenery. Only do not think that for this purpose it is necessary to rearrange all furniture in the apartment. That you! Though it happens it is useful to do to encourage perception. Carry out from two to five hours in conditions, new, but surely comfortable for you: cafe unfamiliar to you, bar, restaurant, ruins of old fortress, the next forest park, the town in which in any way not to reach, even huge torgovo - entertainment center or movie theater. All can be useful, the main thing that you were not there earlier or were long ago.

In - the fourth, do not start up the day off spontaneously. Surely write the plan of entertaining actions to mixes with useful affairs (at will). Here tell why you plan the working day, and you spend days off by drift?

In - the fifth, allow themselves to make pleasant nonsense or absurd which is permissible to be carried out only in the childhood. The small such event overstepping the bounds permitted for the adult, but natural to the child. Refresh a children`s spontaneity in memory.

Successful days off!