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What benefit lemons at catarrhal diseases can bring? The Indian yogis tell

: Each person has to accustom himself to eating one lemon a day or to use juice of one lemon . Really, the lemon is the real well of vitamin C, P, alkaline elements, organic acids, phytoncides.

For strengthening of an organism and treatment use everything that is in lemon fruits: juice, a peel, pulp, and also the essential oil received from the top part of a fresh okoloplodnik - his fruits are so useful. By means of a lemon treat a set of diseases and illnesses, it helps to restore quicker forces after the postponed diseases, besides its use is very effective in cosmetology.

In the second half of winter the organism gradually weakens, immunity decreases, it becomes much more probable to catch a catarrhal disease, than at the beginning of a winter season. At this time it is especially useful to use vitamin-rich fruit more often. Let`s talk about how we can use a lemon during cold.

Hot broth for treatment of cold:

1. Bring 1 glass of water to boiling.

2. Cut small - small 1 garlic glove, throw into a glass and pound a spoon.

3. Add juice of a half of a lemon and a teaspoon of leaves of mint.

4. Add honey (at will).

5. Close the received mix a cover and you cook 3 - 5 minutes.

It is necessary to cool and accept mix 3 - 4 times a day on two tablespoons. At the same time it is necessary to observe a bed rest.

One more hot broth for fight against cold:

1. You will boil 5 glasses of water and pour into it 2 tablespoons of leaves of a sage.

2. Add 2 cloves of small cut garlic, a half of a lemon and honey to taste.

3. Insist 5 minutes.

drink This broth on a hungry stomach on a half-glass in an hour. At the same time it is necessary to observe a bed rest.

A lemon at treatment of cough. For treatment of cough mix juice of a half of a lemon with one tablespoon of honey and drink each hour

the Lemon at fight against temperature. At cold with high temperature needs to drink water with 5 tablespoons of lemon juice on a glass, several times a day to wipe a body with the water acidified by lemon juice.

A lemon for prevention of flu. For prevention of flu accept the mix prepared as follows...

Two lemons and two heads of garlic are grated that gruel turned out. Gruel is filled in with liter of boiled cool water and maintained 3 days in the dark place at the room temperature. After that mix is filtered and put in the refrigerator. Accept on 1 tablespoon on an empty stomach.

A lemon at a disease of flu. Health at a disease of flu can be improved as follows: it is necessary to add juice of one lemon to boiled water, it is a little salt, leaves of an eucalyptus or eucalyptus oil, to pour the received mix in a cup and to deeply inhale steam through a nose. It is desirable to breathe alternately at first one nostril, then another. For the night it is necessary to drink a honey teaspoon with lemon juice.

A lemon at cold.

At cold it is effective to b to wash out a nose water with lemon juice in calculation: juice of a quarter of a lemon on a glass of water.

Good luck!