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Where the dream disappears?

If you dreamed

A yesterday this morning rose

I the dream occurred...

Means the purpose - it was

Therefore we will talk about that how to transfer the dreams to the category of the accurate and real purposes which can be reached.

In - the first, we will try to define, than the dream differs from the purpose.

Difference the first - the purposes are always written down on paper, we hold dreams in the head. If you consider that the purposes in the head are capable to hold and not to write down them on paper - you frankly are mistaken because such purposes can be carried to the category of dreams safely. The efficiency of such purposes - dreams is extremely low, in practice they are reached very much and very seldom.

Difference the second - the purpose differs from dream in the fact that behind the purpose stands concrete responsible behind its achievement and the specific performer, to a thicket of the first and second are one person. In dreams, in their most part, everything is made as if by itself. T. e the purpose is a full citizen, and dream - the fairy who wants will arrive, but does not want...

But even when you formulated the purpose, made the corresponding record on paper, all the same your purpose (at best) can be carried only to vision until specific performers are assigned to it.

Difference the third - a stage of achievement of any purpose is inseparably linked with expense of a certain quantity of any resources. It is possible to carry to these resources also time spent by performers, and the efforts made by them are at least. When you formulate and write down the purpose, you define what volume of investment is necessary. Notice, investments, but not expenses! Because your purpose has to pay back all spent resources on its embodiment. Otherwise, why you in general try to reach it?!

But there is more to come. It is necessary to consider and analyse a ratio of necessary investments and benefits which will give the expected result. Naturally, the result not always has to be expressed in financial profit, but always has to be defined by any bonuses (improvement of skills, acquisition of any benefits, elimination of negative factors). At this stage you refuse those purposes which demand too big expenses, and benefit from them does not justify an investment. Remember

how often you tried to begin life with tomorrow : foreign, sports club, conversation with the chief. But, as practice shows, the similar objectives are seldom achieved. It occurs for the following reasons:

1) absence of accurately formulated concrete result - that for you to learn English ? To learn several hundreds of words or to read the text without dictionary, and can to learn English in your case means free communication in this language?

2) lack of an opportunity to measure this result - if you wish to grow thin, then you have to know precisely, on how many kilograms want to grow thin. On 3 kilograms or on 10?

3) lack of accurately certain terms which would show when the result becomes tangible

If you set before yourself the purpose, then it has to be real and achievable . And to check, it is achievable or not, analyse it:

For a start crush it. For example, 5 thousand new foreign words vylivayuts at you in daily acquaintance only with 10. It is not enough? Well remember 30, and at the weekend you will have a rest. Play, vary - the basis (5 thousand words) is invariable!. to

In - the second, it is necessary to present accurately for the sake of what achievement of your purpose is necessary. If the result has for you the big importance, then the purpose even if it is too difficult, will be reached. Respectively, if the result has for you no the defining value, then and there is no incentive for the purpose embodiment in life. For to learn 10 foreigners in day it will not turn out - will not pass also month as occupation will be safely left.

And now the simplest - write down the next purposes which you want to reach in a certain sphere of your life. Surely re-read them every day (of course do something for their embodiment) and the result will not forget to be knocked to you at doors.