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How to develop musical abilities at children of preschool age? Part 2

Ya I continue the subject begun in part 1, and I will give some more examples of musical games in which it is possible to play with the child.

It is possible to play such game on development of ear for music . Let`s call it Musical bottles (glasses, glasses). For game any identical glass vessels, for example, bottles, either shot glasses, or glasses and still a metal spoon, or a fork are necessary. Let at the beginning of their (vessels) will be 2, the child is more senior, the it is more than vessels. I will tell on the example of bottles.

Gather a little water in one bottle, and knock on a bottle neck with a spoon, holding its (spoon) for the edge. Ask your child, by means of water and other bottle to make the same sound. Let your kid independently gather some amount of water in an empty bottle, knocks on it a spoon, and tries to obtain the necessary sound. It is possible to play this game also with more senior children, years, probably, with 5 - 6.

with the same objects can compose Further any plain songs. Suggest the child to gather various amount of water in bottles and to build them on a sound. That is, bottles which sound a low sound - at the left, and, respectively, which sound high - on the right. Believe, it will be very interesting to child of 5 - 6 years to these to be engaged. Then it is possible to try to connect sounds and to build any elementary melody. At first you compose something, and then offer your kid. The more often you will play this game, the quicker it will be possible to complicate it, for example, to add more bottles, or to combine sounds of bottles, for example, with hand bells. There is one more game which will help you to develop feeling of a rhythm of a melody at your child . we Will call this game Guess a melody . For game nothing is required to you, except your palms so it is possible to play it at any opportunity, only you will have a piece of free time. And rules of the game are very simple. Conceive any well-known to your kid a song, and miss it. That is miss a song rhythm. Without forgetting that when in the original a melody silent, it is necessary to clap quietly and when loud - respectively, loudly. Let your kid will guess this melody, and then will think of the.

But do not forget that it is difficult for child of 4 - 6 years to keep in memory a big fragment of a melody therefore in game test only a song refrain, or even only several lines. For example, if you thought To Antoshk it is enough to miss only Ant O a shka, Ant of O a shka, we will go to dig the O cards a shka . It will be approximately so: 3 cottons (2 - y cotton louder); pause; 3 cottons (2 - y cotton louder); pause; two cottons; pause; two fast cottons; pause; 3 cottons (second louder); pause. It is necessary to repeat everything two times. If it is difficult for child to guess, add to cottons still sounds, for example Pham - Pham - Pham . But it is not necessary to sing a melody, just pronounce a rhythm. Do not forget to suggest your child to miss a melody together with you, so it will be easier for it to orient.

And still it is necessary to teach the child to relax under music . So to speak, to relaksirovat. It needs to be done before going to bed when the kid needs to be calmed and to prepare for quiet falling asleep, or in any other case when you feel that your child needs to be brought to a quiet state. For example, after bathing, or after walk.

It is possible to Relaksirovat with children of 3 years. For this purpose choose an easy quiet melody, ask the kid to sit down, or to lay down in situation convenient to it, to close eyes and to present that it was included in the fairy tale. Let it will be a fairy forest, either a glade, or the beach, or everything that you want. Begin to tell the kid where it got and as here it is remarkable. Let the kid will tell that he sees and that he feels. Which - that let will show: for example, if it got to the sea, let will show how he will swim in the sea or as will build the sand castle.

Naturally, at the time of display it is necessary to open eyes. You watch that elements of your story coincided with speed, mood of a melody. For example, if abrupt music (staccato) sounds, then let at this moment in your story the kid will meet a grasshopper, or jumps through a prompt stream. And if the melody smooth (legato) - the kid dances, or flies on a cloud, or Generally, you know.

So, I wish you good mood as without it you should not begin game, patience, attention, and at you remarkable game and productive communication with your child surely will turn out.