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What is it - Carthago apple? Dishes with " pomegranate

; The purse from morocco skin is Hardly filled! you Want

, we will open? Pouring out rubies on a table,

We from delight threw up the hands: Oh, My God!

Juice from a break on fingers flows down, flows down...

(K. Vasilenko)

Third Punic war. 149 - 146 BC. Last war between Rome and Carthage Carthage is destroyed. What remained from once terrible state? Punic, it is Carthago apple. So Romans called pomegranate. About its advantage there were always legends. A successful combination of useful sugars to harmless acid, PP and C vitamins and a set of mineral substances - from potassium to cobalt.

What is recommended by doctors as food at low hemoglobin? Liver, chocolate and grenades. It " apple; with droplets of kernels normalizes work zheludochno inside - an intestinal path. Juice of pomegranate is useful at catarrhal diseases as a resolvent.

Come in lyuboymagazin and pay attention to a price line of juice. Garnet always 10 times more. Very valuable juice useful. And for sick people, and as a prophylactic - for healthy. Three glasses of juice a day - and the sick person will be on the mend. If, of course, it has no stomach ulcer or the increased acidity. Garnet juice is contraindicated to such patients.

Pomegranate is tasty and good as in itself, and in various dishes. The most known salad - Garnet bracelet . In the " magazine; Shkolazhizni. ru already there is a recipe of this remarkable dish.

" salad; Archery

Unpretentious salatik, excellent garnish for fried meat. tonenko we cut a big bulb half rings, quickly we drench with boiled water and right there we merge. The bitterness left, and the hrustkost of onions remained. For 20 minutes we fill in transparent half rings with boiled or spring water. We add a little vinegar, salt and sugar to taste.

We merge water. We mix onions with grains of pomegranate and small cut fennel. It is possible to sprinkle olive oil with garnet juice 1:1. Beautiful and very tasty dish.

" fried eggs; Amazing

Really amazing dish. With pomegranate and nuts. On 4 eggs the glass of chishcheny walnuts, pomegranate grains from a half of a large fruit and one bulb is necessary.

Small we cut onions, we fry to semi-readiness. We pound nuts. We shake up eggs together with fried onions, nuts, salt, pepper. Right at the end accurately we implicate pomegranate grains, we salt and we pour out on the frying pan oiled. We cover and is fried well thoroughly. It is possible not to overturn. The main thing that all eggs were roasted.

At once we give on a table. The success is provided to you!

An excellent pomegranates dessert - a water-ice

At first the most labor-consuming operation - to squeeze out juice of kilogram of pomegranates. Long enough, they still need to be cleaned! But, believe, your work will not be gone in vain. It is very tasty. In one liter of water we dissolve two glasses of sugar and we cook syrup. We remove from fire and we pour in pomegranate juice there. It is possible to add vanillin. We cool, we spill on glasses. Real water-ice. Sweet and fragrant!

Many do not love grenades from - for stones. However how many in them advantage! Whether you know that stones of pomegranate promote hormonal activity? Kill a headache and reduce pressure.

The children`s riddle was remembered - a small oven with red pieces of coal . We in the childhood long thought what is it?

In Italy I saw directly on streets garnet trees. In August fruits were still absolutely green. To my delight there was no limit! Gift of gods! Italians did not divide my admiration - for them this commonplace.

At one of numerous Italian small restaurants we were treated Eggplants on - Tuscan .

We wash three eggplants, we pin a fork in several places and without oil in a peel we bake in an oven or in the microwave oven - the furnace with a grill. We husk warm eggplants, the pulp is small cut. We cut one big bulb thin half rings. Small we cut a handful of walnuts so that there were pieces, not in powder. 3 - We mix 4 tablespoons of garnet grains with eggplants, onions and nuts. Salt, black pepper and greens of cilantro. Very tasty!

For us grenades - a delicacy, and in east kitchen without pomegranate neither pilaf will be given, nor fish, nor meat. Meat, marinated in garnet juice, - tenderness.

Garnet grains are perfectly frozen, only without peel and plyonochek. We put in a pure package, we tie it - and in the freezer. To pilaf, fish, vegetables, meat.

After cleaning of pomegranate of a hand always black. Cut off a piece of a fresh lemon, wipe with it hands, wash away warm water.

Tasty fruit, clean hands, healthy stomachs. Bon appetit!