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What they, godsends? Conversation with the girlfriend of

the girlfriend Called Cries. Got to a wonderful world of success. Invited to a prestigious exhibition of goods in Moscow. With all attributes inherent in such action. Placed in five-stars hotel, carried on tours on expensive cars, a buffet reception, a banquet. World of business. Successful. For my friend this party of business was novel. So long ago on sales and to escape from vanity everything did not find time in any way. To meet partners, to talk about prospects of development of the market did not even guess. On all my recommendations the answer was one - once! And here, at last, came true. Now cries than you grieve

O, the girlfriend? Why you had an impression that money equals to happiness? What country houses, yachts, prestigious cars - success symbols? And you have a beautiful house and the magnificent yacht. Only we on it swim across Volga as on the walking boat. We have a rest and we do not even reflect what impression is made by possession of it on minds of others. And a car in your family at each member, under each buttocks There is no that luster? So and those people received guests. They also live not every day in smart hotels. They skillfully created to you a holiday. Be glad together with them. Joint high-quality rest pulls together, strengthens relations in business. It is a new round of your partnership. Let forever there will be a notch for memory. Pleasant and long. As from expensive gift. Godsend.

An environment - a powerful motivator. Or demotivator. Watching what environment. Also you cry because did not get used neither to such address, nor to such meetings. And not this main thing. I met the school girlfriend yesterday. Externally not so remarkable woman, also recognized - that I her incidentally. Paid attention to some internal light in eyes. Then also made out - we together studied. Communicated long. The internal force, bright fire shook. The difficult life and serious tests only tempered it, made stronger. It has no notorious yachts, country houses and planes They are also not necessary to it. It has a strong family, there is a dream and she takes confident steps to the direction of its implementation.

Such people as beacons. There is a wish to communicate with them to understand salt and taste of life. To understand that not money governs minds. That there were century values - love, a family, friendship. That everyone understands success and happiness in own way. And that each our success shows the way to new. Life goes on. Everywhere, not only in the capitals. Do not compare, do not reproach yourself. Eh, girlfriend! As life is good! In all its manifestations. And this your capital holiday - to that confirmation. Received a portion of sweet - means, deserved. Is what to aspire to. And here you were waited by the family. With impatience. Because lives without you do not represent any more. And I missed. It is pleasant to come back home

Godsends What they are different. Your meeting. My long trip. Milestones in each family the. These gifts change the relation to life, force to rise over vanity, to overestimate the way. Whether to go on it and is farther a right course or to replace a development vector as that is demanded by time and circumstances. What tastes, different at these gifts Luscious, bitter, gentle, with sourness And very different aftertaste. Be not sorry about anything! There are no missed opportunities. There was no it to you earlier - means, it was not ready. Everything is good in its season. It is silly to be sorry about the past - not to return it. The future is formed already today. What it will be, will show time. Live in the present. And, maybe, exactly today you are waited by a new godsend.

Face to face not to uvidat the person. Big sees at distance .

(S. Yesenin)