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Who can grow up from the kid if he in five years spurs on a mandoline?

Less than a month ago, in September, were executed quarter of the century from that day when the country said goodbye to one of the most interesting composers - Konstantin Yakovlevich Listov who lived long life and left us many remarkable songs.

Kostya - the inhabitant of Odessa in this nice city was born on October 2, 1900. Circus actors so for the boy the circus became the chief tutor, the teacher and love were his parents. Since three years it hanged on a different gymnastic apparatus, trying to resemble athletes, vanished at cages with animals, dreaming of career of the trainer. Since five years of the young actor gradually began to let out on the arena, he took part in representations. And still he very much liked to play a circus orchestra where it was learned on a mandoline.

Exchanged a rifle for a piano

Soon the orchestra replaced to Kostya all hobbies and when he graduated from school, went to Tsaritsyn where the musical school of the Russian musical society at that time was located. The versatile guy was accepted with open arms, and in a year of the Great October socialist revolution Konstantin finished training and became the diplomaed musician.

But Civil war prevented to continue education. Listov without any doubts sided with the won proletariat, registered the volunteer in Red Army, took part in fights. And as soon as the respite was given, sang to companions songs. By the way, rollicking reminiscence of Civil war - Song about the " cart; who made Konstantin well-known. You remember? You fly after the journey, a bird, an animal after the journey leave! You see, the cavalry curls, horses rush ahead...

However, the Soviet power was able to appreciate talents. Future composer was exempted from a rifle and directed to study in Saratov Conservatory where the young Red Army man arrived on a class of a piano and composition. And that the theory as it is possible adjoined to practice more closely, entrusted it the place of the accompanist - the pianist, and at the same time and the conductor of the Saratov theater of miniatures.

The first musical comedy in 28 years...

But Listov quickly understood that outgrew Saratov, and therefore went to Moscow where it was admitted to theater at the All-Russian Proletkult. And two years later 25 - summer Konstantin is appointed the musical director Blue blouse - Soviet theater of small forms, propaganda platform. Then, in 1928, he wrote the first musical comedy (operetta) which was called The Queen was mistaken .

In the middle of 30 - x years there was a creative duet of the composer Konstantin Listov with the poet Mikhail Ruderman. Together they wrote not only Song about the " cart; but also To Makhorochk Kubano - tersky cavalry and other songs, unfortunately, already forgotten...

One more song of Listov written on Mikhail Svetlov`s words - " enjoyed wide popularity at the Soviet people; Grenada . She as if called in fight, Konstantin Yakovlevich managed to write the concerning melody. And unless its music to the song " is less delightful; In park Chair ? Such feeling that listening to the song, you inhale aroma of the blossoming roses! In park Chair roses blossom, in park Chair blossoms almonds. Your golden braids dream, the cheerful ringing distance " dreams;.

And these songs are written, as they say, on the job. These years Listov actively goes on tour over the country as the pianist, since 1938 became the conductor of the Moscow Operetta theater. Same year Konstantin Yakovlevich finished work on the second musical comedy (the first was put ten years before).

The song from a front notebook

From the beginning of the Great Patriotic War Listov served as the musical consultant of Political department Voyenno - Navy. Once in February, 1942 it arrived to newspaper editorial office of the Western " front; Red Army truth also asked correspondents: Whether will be at whom verses which can be set to music? All amicably began to refuse and only one correspondent - Alexey Surkov - took pity on the composer and told: I wrote to the wife to evacuation sixteen lines few months ago. It is unlikely at you something will turn out, but try! With these words Surkov rummaged in a notebook, found for sketches of the poem and accurately rewrote on a pure leaf.

Listov was run by eyes on lines: Fire, on logs pitch as a tear fights in a close small stove... Then the composer muttered something unclear and left.

He arrived to edition approximately in a week, asked a guitar for the press photographer and sang the short song which he called In a dugout . This song very quickly became national. And if to Surkov several times tried to unscrew hands and to force to rewrite the words to death four steps to music no claims existed. On it also amateur poets wrote other words, all there are about 300 options of verses...

Sevastopol waltz all seamen remember? Konstantin Yakovlevich Listov wrote to

A in a year of my birth one more well-known song, it is called Sevastopol waltz . Speak, this song is one of informal anthems of the city of the Russian glory, along with " to this day; Legendary Sevastopol .

By the way, a bit later Listov composed also the operetta of the same name. And all on its creative account about 600 songs, 11 operettas, 2 operas - Olesya according to A. Kuprin`s story, and Daughter of Cuba . There are works and for a symphonic orchestra, and for brass bands, and for a piano...

It was very much easy person. It also went silently and when began to write music as if soared in the room. Konstantin Yakovlevich died on September 6, 1983, nearly - having nearly held on to the 83 - the anniversaries...