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Whom and when the umbrella was invented?

Habitual things without which it is difficult for us to present life sometimes conceal in themselves the most interesting history. An umbrella, irreplaceable in rainy weather, - not an exception.

The first invention reminding a modern umbrella appeared more 1200 B.C. According to historical data as from the sun it residents of the countries of the Ancient East for the first time began to use a security measure: Egypt, India and China. There is an umbrella representing a construction from a bamboo, leaves of a palm tree and bird`s feathers weighing about 3 kg and with the handle one and a half meter long, symbolized the power and power.

Such sun-protection adaptation is frequent fixed on a throne of the governor or attendants held over it. Not everyone had rights to use it: only authorities and nobility. India read an umbrella as a symbol of fertility, health and revival.

After a while the umbrella entered life of Ancient Greece and Rome where it became an obligatory subject of a female toilet. Approximately in the 14th century umbrellas from China came to Europe. They won special popularity in France and Holland. Baleen was a framework of an umbrella of that time, and it weighed about 4 kg. As well as today, the umbrella protecting from sunshine was called parasol and an umbrella from a rain - paraplyu .

Till the most 17th century it continued to remain luxury goods, and still the nobility used it. To be saved from the scorching sun and a rain, Parisians addressed to special service for society which employees could always see them to the right place with this scarce then adaptation.

In the middle of the 18th century Pyotr I brought the Dutch umbrella to Russia. Especially in our country fell in love with the lacy umbrellas preserving against the sun. Besides them, our masters began to invent umbrellas of the most various forms, from oval to square. Then in Russian the word " appeared; umbrella - from transformed Dutch zonnedeck which in translation means a canopy from the sun . And already then appeared short umbrella .

The umbrella as the protection device from a rain in the second half of the 18th century the first was applied by Joan Hanvey`s Englishman. Its umbrella - from the fabric similar to the tarpaulin weighing nearly 4 kg apprehended inadequately. But nevertheless from that day it gradually began to win the increasing respect. At that time on umbrellas began to distinguish the commoner who has no crew.

Over time a miracle - the invention became more popular also among men as one subject possessed a set of functions: and will cover from a rain, and will protect from forwards, and will easily replace a cane. Long enough the umbrella, along with gloves and the cylinder, was considered as obligatory attribute of the gentleman.

At last, the umbrella which is most of all reminding modern appeared in 1850 - x years. The English mechanic Samuel Fox invented and patented an umbrella with an iron framework and spokes, with water-repellent strong fabric and the handle - a cane.

Umbrellas stopped being the privilege of the elite for a long time.

Counters of shops abound with the most various on type and color umbrellas which easily resist to wind and a rain. And we are obliged by all this to tireless inventors of the past.