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How to get on service to army of the USA? Part 7

Many of soldiers and officers as I spoke, did not see the families for years. For example, here history of the sergeant Fox: in army it 7 years. From them was in Iraq and Afghanistan 4 times. And it means, military rounds lasting 15 months everyone. He could not see the children after their birth, their the subsequent and the wife birthdays, was forced to pass Christmas and New year to a family circle.

I know the sergeant Fox personally and I even have his military e - a mail the address. Such here victims And he is still glad that after each round he came back home live.

Stage training the second: Blue

We as if in the middle of a cycle of training process. In other words, it is already less of us a little smoke and if smoke - that everything already not so terribly and the body and muscles already got used in pain, and we already know as far as there will be enough anger of our sergeant - the instructor.

Went, to be exact we early, morning of hours in five kilometers so potopat seven in full equipment, as usual, in our training camp.

And so every morning: rise, a morning toilet, persons on duty wash the floors, toilets clean, then a breakfast, but we already eat long, sometimes minutes on 12.

Then we are under construction and we stamp back in barracks under front some song. Again construction, recalculation, then in barracks to prepare equipment, and in minutes 40 we have to stand below with the following equipment which we will trample on ourselves on 6 - 7 kilometers:

- backpack;

- 3 big flasks with water;

- a waterproof jacket and trousers;

- a helmet;

- a belt zone wide with hinged equipment;

- the automatic machine;

- 2 shops with blank cartridges;

- a bullet-proof vest with 2 ceramic plates on a back and a breast (heavy as a dog after the second kilometer).

Then, after construction and the sergeant`s shouting (so, for form`s sake), we begin movement in two parallel columns, and we stop only few times for water drink.

And so all we walk quickly and if you were tired - on you there will be all anger of the sergeant: You what trudge?!! Your mother I you century. Yes that you are century. You dead (or dead)... And well give rise quickly!!! And that we here you all will be century.!!!

The heat and dampness even in South Carolina is felt in the morning because after the first kilometer you feel how sweat begins to impregnate slowly your back, then before, underwear, socks, then from - under a helmet large drops of sweat flow down on a nose on lips, are rolled through eyebrows, get into eyes and begin them to pinch a little.

I have still nothing somehow, but at plump children all clothes were impregnated then so that it seemed, they were caught in the rain. But the good program for weight loss after eating of excessive quantity of cheeseburgers.

When we arrive to camp, and it somewhere in the woods, already approximately 7:30 in the morning. We are under construction, the leader of a platoon reports on the sergeant that all on the place, the sergeant tells all to go to the place of collecting where all other platoons receive instructions: what will be today.

For example, today there will be a training in attack by the knife attached to the automatic machine. This tactical training number ARE - 245, it is obligatory for release from the center.

In the beginning there is a safety rule, then demonstration, and further we move on a three-kilometer boundary with an obstacle course.

We get through under a barbed wire, we jump through logs and windows of houses, and other.

In passing cost the silhouettes of enemy soldiers of greenish color made of elastic plastic. I got accustomed - they remind the Soviet soldiers of an era 50 - x with the Kalashnikov. Trick and only!

Well here to do, it is necessary to run and pierce everyone, as did. Then small break and one more circle, then lunch.

Before a lunch it is possible to go to a portable plastic toilet. If the toilet is occupied - that is obliged to wait for the turn, standing on one knee. This just process of humiliation - a compulsory procedure of education of spirit of soldiers. You see - there is a chain of young men and women in a toilet, and all on a lap.

Toilets these portable inside all are painted with felt-tip pens. So, what people write?

- 0stalos 3 weeks. Hurrah!!

- Puerto - Rico always number one!

- Tsintsinatti, Ohio.

- the Mail was here.

- All sergeants went on

- I Hate army!!!

- I love Jack!

- Urine black!

- White rubbish!

- I here the 5th week!

- Sink from New - York.
All these toilets, by the way, are cleaned by

, only then when they begin to be overflowed with sewage. The private companies which lease them to army for quite good money own these mobile toilets.

Of what the field lunch consists?

Usually give MRI that is meant by the food ready to the use. It is a plastic pack of the size of 2 blocks of cigarettes, they are broken into 15 different dishes.

For example, one pack can be to be with cutlet, dry bread, apple puree, several candies, also there will be a small cake, spices, jam and nut oil, napkins, a spoon, chewing gum, coffee and a razogrevatel.

Razogrevatel is a dry element in itself: you open packing, you add a little water, and in minutes packing becomes hotter, sufficient to warm food even in the winter without fire and electricity.

Naturally, all food has the added preservatives that did not spoil; in it the increased number of calories, usually a lunch makes about 2500 calories that there is a bit too much for usual food, but in the conditions of military exercises it is quite normal as you burn very decently the energy there.

Besides for the military personnel of Islamic or Judaic religion this field food has special marking and is prepared according to their traditions. I tried it and noticed that it is much more tasty than usual.

Well, we ate, descended in a toilet, made toilet.

of Time for a lunch is given minutes 10, was not in time - your problems.

Then we sit, we wait for about an hour when the commander gives command to start and go back to camp.

And it is necessary to go already back in the afternoon, under the scorching southern sun several kilometers with the weapon, in bullet-proof vests, helmets and with equipment...

In a word, here in brief my adventures in the American army - Ilya Sharapov, 43 - the summer guy from Russia. So far I consider myself as the guy, in soul and a body to me only years 25. I do not apply for a faultlessness in a statement of some episodes or conclusions at all. I - only the person, and people can be mistaken. Just I wanted to show

to you, dear readers that the world in itself not always consists from black and white.

We often use stereotypes by comparison of the different countries and nationalities and religions.

I Hope that the type of the American army will broaden your horizons from within and will give hope that there too is ours .

There is a wish to believe that the Russians living in Russia will not be too biased to those Russians who for any reasons constantly or temporarily live beyond its limits.

I think that my story will give you a little energy, food for reflections and force to live. All benefits to you!