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How to choose the inflatable pool, or we Begin water procedures

With arrival of hot May days also the swimming season opened. So it is a high time to take care of water procedures, so to bathe and lap in the yard of the giving even if this proud word calls a banal panel board lodge in gardening association. And will help with they are inflatable pools.

At first about, why inflatable pool, but not the next pond or the small river. Well, in - the first, it is required to go on any other reservoir while the inflatable pool - here it, no distance. In - the second, water of any rivulet or a lake sometimes contains all table of Mendeleyev, or its most part, and filtered is found in the personal inflatable pool even pure, perhaps. In - the third, at last, in the big inflatable pool it is absolutely safe. Here predators are not found, the bottom is not filled up with beaten glass and artful currents here too are not observed.

Now how to choose for itself this oasis of a cool among the future summer heat. For a start it is a little about the sizes and dimensions. Be defined that it is necessary for you: the pool for quiet lonely rest or a huge reservoir where it is possible to frolic and float, say, five together? Or, maybe, you want that in the pool your children played? Depends on the answer to these questions whether it will be the compact pool, the pool - the giant more than a meter depth or the beautiful game and sports ground on water.

If the pool is small, then it will not make special work to fill with water by means of a hose or even a bucket and to devastate by a turning method. But if this reservoir is calculated on the big companies of bathers, then it is worth attending to existence of the water pump for inflating to the clear water basin. Well and, of course, the valve of discharge via which by means of a hose it is easily possible to pour out water. And we advise fans of environmentally friendly conditions of rest also to think of the filter on the entering water.

Now about some subtleties. It is better if a dock apron also inflatable. Then no roughnesses of a surface on which the personal reservoir is established will prevent to enjoy water procedures. Still it is possible to put a special laying thanks to which the bottom will remain pure under the pool. If the pool rather deep, then it is worth getting a special ladder not to remember the avarice at each zalezaniye and a vylezaniye from water.

Here, perhaps, and all. Pleasant bathing!