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How to feel that it is love? The lover I will lay

Ya of the field -

Let sing waking or sleeping!.

Ya I breathe that is - I love! I love

Ya that is - I live!.

V. Vysotsky

About love it is much written, told, sung. But it is possible to speak about it more and more, and always is what to tell new. The love is eternal, the love never dies, the love is all-powerful, everything will endure and will forgive, love is our life .

We love, we are loved. The love gives to the person unearthly forces to see in another what others do not see. And at the same time the love is blind: we love, without looking at anything, - even if the person is somewhere not right, or is silly, according to people around, is not really beautiful. The love comes irrespective of our desires.

Besides, the love happens not only between the man and the woman. Parents love the child irrespective of, obedient he or not, children also love the parents, without regard to the fact that they can equal hopes of the offsprings not always. We love the brothers, sisters, friends for their kindness, support, understanding.

It is difficult to tell what we love for as each of us is unique, at each of us in the course of life the character, the beliefs, the nature were built up. They say that in love the third wheel and with councils you should not interfere, and it is the truth. But it is necessary to argue on this high feeling always and it is pleasant.

In life often so it happens that we love the person just like that - for the fact that he such exists, for what with it is good and warm, always you feel by itself and look forward to a new meeting. But happens that these signs have nothing in common with love, it is only love, desire to imitate the idol, etc.

it is necessary to understand Here: for, of course, without foreign intervention. It is necessary to think of what would be if, for example, this person goes for a long time to other city, you will also miss it or not really. And maybe, you are attracted by a focus of interest of this person, his kind of activity, then, I`m sorry, - you love not it, and his stories about things, interesting to you. You can esteem about them in literature, share the opinions on them, but solve for yourself - pulls you to the person, or you all - have not a tender affection for him.

If at conversation, even when very much you hurry, you look to darling in the face - it is already much means. Every day we hurry, and love is eternal - therefore it is always possible to find time for darling (darling).

If you do not want to concede to darling, it means that you are not ready to go on some victims for the sake of love which is absent perhaps in this situation. Or the love very quickly will pass - for two there is nothing worse than desire that there was everything in own way, inabilities to make concessions.

If you love, you will always have time for darling to listen, your opinion is so important for it. And if you are ready to leave conversation for later terms, and more than once, means to you thoughts of darling are not important, they do not cause in you interest, - will not endure love of it and will not allow .

The love is always right . Even if one of lovers made something not so in relation to another, then it can be apprehended not as a lack of feelings and as the small mistake which is not costing attention. The main thing, it is not necessary to forgive all without discrimination since it will shortly result in indifference.

If your heart fights restlessly at a meeting if at you collected much to tell about it on appointment if to you it is important in what your elect or the darling is dressed and put if for you the accurate hairdress and a fresh smell from the beloved is important, so in your heart there lives the love .

In any situation, be - that love, or just friendship, try to communicate, tell much each other about yourself, about the hobbies, dreams, and then you precisely define lives for yourself, you love or not. And the most important, never you tell I love if you do not feel it as you can deceive not only another, and and yourself.