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How the woman grows old? 1984 the world noted

B 50 - summer anniversary of the feminist Gloria Steynem. Her opinion on this age as to a rotary milestone in life was published in many famous newspapers where she cooperated. Gloria met this blow of relentless destiny - the fiftieth anniversary - in the company of celebrities in a nu - York Waldorf Astoria .

In 50 years it is possible to feel on 40, - declared to Steynem. - Emergence of feminism improved quality of life of the contemporaries, they now perfectly look and have good health, the self-respect and feeling of sufficient vital success holds to us afloat, does us active both intellectually, and physically .

Aging is usually perceived as the sad fact. But actually, as claims Steynem, it is a considerable reason for optimism. That we know about the reasons of aging of the generation which reached now 65 years Tomorrow`s elderly - that is today`s young people - will be others because the level of culture and formation of the environment surrounding them will be another as it constantly changes for the better.

The woman who will grow old in the 21st century will have certain advantages: other life expectancy that depends on improvement of medical care, from more conscientious attitude to food, a habit to do gymnastics etc. Improves living conditions, and the aging woman will become a particle of huge mass of young looking turning gray people, and there is no doubt that such number of the people who are aging together with it is a clear advantage.

The woman of one of the first can use results of scientific achievements in the field of longevity problems. As a result of it gold years will be, perhaps, more comfortable, she will be healthier and more active, than her mother and the grandmother at the same age.

Process of aging depends on a difficult combination of several factors, but, of course, the most important of them - history of life of a family and style of her life. Each factor separately too is very important, but dependence of process of aging on change of the main reasons only begins to be studied. The heredity role is definitely very considerable - most of scientists consider that heredity leaves a mark on all future life of the woman. But heredity influence can be overcome too.

According to Linda Kampanelli`s data, directors of Association of development of problems of health of adults of Merilendsky university, the woman`s origin, her genes define aging process. Having reached 60 - 65 years, the woman, according to Kampanelli, further everything defines. Style of her life, especially tendency not to lag behind youth is of great importance. It is valid an innovation, and it inspires hope as lifestyle is some kind of medicine. Lifestyle today`s 30 - the summer woman is much healthier, than at the previous generations.

Now life of men and women is less traumatic; those who reach gold years in the 21st century, will look more young, in 60 years will be capable to lead active lifestyle and better to feel, than 40 - summer today. The healthy habits removing the rising old age are those habits and rules which mothers impart to us since then as we remember ourselves.

Now results of modern researches allow to give advice to hundreds of thousands of young people lyudeydlya prevention of heart troubles. These are very simple skills: gymnastics, the balanced diet, the use sufficient quantity of the products containing cellulose, milk and water, daily care of teeth, refusal of smoking, unhealthy suntan etc. Conforming to these rules, the woman can minimize emergence of the majority of the diseases accompanying an old age: heart troubles, a digestive tract, osteoporosis, various forms of cancer, periodontosis, emergence of wrinkles is possible even to prevent.

Some uchena investigate ways now and opportunities to really avoid an old age.

Longevity will be well much owing to high-quality change of consciousness. Achievement of longevity actually demands the disciplined vital style. Attempts to study the factors prolonging life in such as, for example, researches as work of doctor R. Valforda in ICLA which shows that reduction of quantity of the consumed food, fall of temperature of a body, high doses of vitamins can provide life expectancy of the person on average till hundred years.