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The poet Rubtsov - unknown secret?

For the first time heard lines of this poet many years ago (in 1965) from lips of the former Baltic seaman Yury Kurganov with whom we studied in the Orenburg technical school of railway transport. And these lines which under good mood rang out in the student`s hostel were remembered at once (and for the rest of life!) the impetuous optimism, width, truthfulness, humour:

I will knock on a pocket - does not ring. I Will knock

on another - not to hear. If I only am famous for


That I will go to Yalta to have a rest

I still:

My right word

will ring out! I, probably,

Will be famous for


will deliver Me a monument

in the village - I and stone

tipsy Will be


When I asked the classmate about the author of the fallen in love verses, he answered approximately following: verses were written by the simple sailor, they are known on all fleet of the USSR, seamen rewrite them each other in the most treasured notebooks. And here surname of the author podzateryalas I wrote down these surprising lines in the notebook too, and there passed a lot of time before the sailor`s verses reminded of themselves again.

At the very beginning of 70 - x years of the last century I gradually had a useful habit: on the road from work I looked in all passing bookstores and checked new books, especially poetry. (And therefore now when friends study my book shelves, they well understand why I still have no car, as well as all another - more - less material ).

Once, being in a condition of a usual search trance, I suddenly noticed the book under the name Last steamship the unknown to me during that time Nikolay Rubtsov was her author. He devoted the verses which gave the name to all collection to the interesting poet and the writer Alexander Yashin. Thumbing through the book, suddenly I find well and many years familiar lines - what the first I quote at the beginning of this article I Read to

what is written about the author in the preface, and that he told about himself in verses: it is from Emetsk, but the childhood passed in the village; before the Great Patriotic War lost mother, the father left on the front and after war forgot children; and Nikolay is the orphan, the student, the worker of the stokehole, the fitter of proving ground, the sailor of Northern fleet, the seaman of trawling fleet, Yashin`s friend, studied in Litinstitut There is a poem Verses from the memorable collection Last steamship :

Verses turn us out of the house,

As though a blizzard howls, howls

On heating steam,

On electricity and gas!

Tell whether you know

About blizzards something:

Who can force to howl them?

Who can stop them,

When will want rest?

And in the morning the sun will ascend, -

Who can means find,

to detain him rising?

to Stop its decline?

Here so poetry, - it

Rings - will not stop it!

A will become silent - in vain groan! It is hidden and free


Will glorify us or will humiliate,

But all the same will prevail!

I not it depends on us,

A we depend on it

I do not want to comment on what so truly and precisely was told by Nikolay Rubtsov. Everything in this poem is clear also without translator such verses are close to the reader`s heart, as well as many other verses of the poet the Subsequent my researches added

a little: Rubtsov published books of verses Waves and rocks Lyrics Star of the fields The Soul stores Pines noise Green flowers handed over in publishing house the manuscript of the collection of verses Plantains And almost right there I learn that Nikolay Rubtsov is already dead - it is strangled in the apartment after a party. And the crime was committed by the poetess, the woman whom the poet was going to call the wife Only - only recognized the poet - the contemporary, and he is absent any more.

But opening continued The friend allowed to read Nikolay Rubtsov`s collection under the name Green flowers . Verses so were pleasant that wrote out them all in a special notebook, and it remained to this day. On radio the song remarkable was started singing: In a room my light- - Nikolay Rubtsov`s words. And still sing: I will long drive the bicycle - and again lyrics belong to Rubtsov.

Too has the luck to study me at Literary institute of a name A. M. Bitter USSR Union of Writers. As the non-resident I lived in the institute hostel, and there, among other legends, memories of the talented and unsurpassed young poet Rubtsov still wandered. Nikolay studied on internal, on a correspondence department. Had impetuously fun in the company of companions, singing the songs under an accordion and showing to messmates - first-year students a typographical copy the collection of verses (worked in actually self-published way), became gloomy and unsociable as the offended animal; that suddenly disappeared from Moscow in the unknown direction in the middle of study

is Told, in mature years of life it was intolerable and drank much. Then on this background the number of the acquaintances and friends who appeared with publications - memoirs in periodicals after tragic death of the poet raises doubts. There cannot be in the alcoholic`s environment so many decent, solid and talented people! And how many books he managed to publish during lifetime, besides, the considerable quantity of verses (on attestations of eyewitnesses) went together with the poet to a grave and how many collections of verses are published later! By the way, in a year when the rural authorities declared Rubtsov the parasite, about 50 poems of which the Fatherland is proud now were written to them.

I met many writers declaring strong acquaintance and even to personal friendship with N. M. Rubtsov: in Moscow, in Dubultakh (Riga), in Samara and in Orenburg. And my personal conclusion such: actually in friends at it the orphanhood and loneliness, disorder, a restlessness went to lives and misunderstanding among associates on literary shop, feeling of transience of a terrestrial holiday and inevitable fate which to the poet it was appointed long ago: I will die in bitter cold .

In the capital of Northern Fleet - the city of Severomorsk when it was necessary to visit " newspaper editorial office; On the guard Zapolyarya I was given the chance to get acquainted with filings of that time when the sailor Rubtsov regularly printed the first verses. I got a grasp of each poem and did not recognize the poet famous to a wide range of readers: it is possible to tell, before eyes usual poetic lines with a drumbeat sample voyenno - sea circumstances flickered. And suddenly:

And only the son leads the conversation,

That does not wish to guard the house,

I everything looks for the pass,

Where it never happened

Here with such lines height of Poetry which all began to learn then in Russia came to Nikolay Mikhaylovich Rubtsov and even called Rubtsovsk and Russian . From where there was new, peculiar, self-sonorous, almost tangible intonation? How in the ordinary sailor the Poet suddenly appeared? How it obtained the voice - that which is known now by all fans of poetry which is loved to which they imitate about which write books and articles? Secret! Unknown none of contemporaries