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Whether the woman`s life in the course of aging changes?

in the course of aging the woman`s body, undoubtedly, are exposed to certain changes - irrespective of, she is healthy or is sick.

Decreases the muscular force, overall performance of lungs, inert weight decreases, every last decade flexibility of bones is lost. The majority of these changes slightly influence specific functions of a female organism, and many - to the best. During physiological reorganization of an organism and intellectual changes at most of women the vital order and a line of conduct in life considerably improves. Even those systems to which some negative changes are obvious have an opportunity to prevent these changes. At any time the woman of 30 - 40 years can begin to take the first steps for aging prevention to remove an old age. It is possible to prevent emergence of fragility of bones by means of the use of a certain amount of calcium in a diet, doing exercises; it is necessary to begin these measures as soon as possible. It is possible to prevent emergence of wrinkles, avoiding impact of sunshine on skin since early years. Heart troubles can be avoided by means of the use of a diet with the lowered content of fat. It is possible to prevent increase in mass of heart trainings, having begun them as soon as possible. Now it is obviously necessary: as soon as possible to begin to lead a healthy lifestyle, to prevent a decrepit old age in vigorous removing aging process.

Gerontologists, experts in research of age changes, are in the lead in the direction of new hypotheses of how the woman grows old. And their most unfavourable conclusions the are as follows: already happened changes are provided inevitable. However it is necessary to remember that many circumstances can prevent these changes if these changes in general take place. It is possible to alienate them to remove in time - it is more probable, than it is accepted to think. Among inevitable, in general opinion, the changes accompanying aging of an organism it is possible to avoid the following diseases:

heart Disease. Women with a high risk of diseases of heart can do gymnastics for prevention of similar diseases, keep to a diet, constantly control the increased arterial pressure.

Disease of a digestive tract. The diet about the use of the products containing cellulose can prevent almost any illness zheludochno - an intestinal path, accompanying an old age.

of Pain. Physical state at which there are pains for example spastic pains at periods or articulate pains at arthritises are, as a rule, not characteristic of the woman who is harmoniously developed with the trained body and intelligently active of the woman with an active position.

of the Illness of teeth and gums. The woman can preserve healthy teeth till an old age if during all life cares for them, carries out daily care of a mouth, is observed at experts - stomatologists.

the Stress during a climax. Inflow and dryness of a vagina are often inherent in the climatic period, however at many women this period passes asymptomatically, after its termination the woman becomes more viable and more sexual.

Decrepitude, senile mental violations. Most of elderly women and men keep functions of intelligence to the death.

Obesity. Though after the end of the climacteric period it becomes more difficult to reduce weight, the woman at any age if eats a little and does gymnastics enough, will be able to support that weight which kept at it in 20 - 30 years.

Flabbiness. Prevention of muscular flabbiness trains big discipline of elderly women, awareness of need of continuous gymnastic activity by them.

of the Wrinkle. Emergence of wrinkles can be prevented if the woman avoids unlimited influence of sunshine and, being in the open air, uses shelter from the sun.