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Bad advice. How to get rid of trust of people around?

I am an owner to the word. I want - I give, I want - I take away back .

, Why to you the confidential relations at work? And with relatives, friends and relatives? All know that the person to the person - a wolf therefore it is not necessary to pretend to be. Therefore do not make at all the following acts which can bring to these to the harmful and not leading to anything good confidential relations.

It is very easy to get rid of importunate trust of friends, colleagues and just familiar - enough to follow the following 13 rules.

1. Do not hesitate to distribute promises to the right and on the left even if absolutely precisely you know that you will not be able to get the Moon from the sky (and you will not try) and above the head you will not jump. And if you all - navsy doubt feasibility of your words, then can safely promise the moon also the kiselny rivers. Or dairy coast - anything, by and large, your voice of conscience perfectly knows that you will not be able (and you will not begin) to carry out it though, it seems, you are going to execute promised, well unless doubt the forces a little.

2. If the promise is already made - do not hurry to carry out it even if there is such opportunity and you it will not complicate at all. It is not fashionable to keep the word - any more.

3. Do not spend the precious time for other people. For example, if you are engaged with something (unfolding of a solitaire at the working computer or correspondence on the Internet with familiar and unfamiliar) - be not distracted by talk with colleagues and their requests even if they concern directly performance of your duties.

4. It is possible not to answer the phone calls at all. To whom it is necessary - that will find a way to contact you. Promises to call back can be forgotten at once after hang up. And to call back to the subscriber whose call you missed - in general very difficult business demanding the considerable tension of forces.

5. It is not obligatory to respond to e-mails at all. There is too much them, it is impossible to spend the precious time for such trifles.

6. If received the invitation - you should not give confirmation (or a denial) about the consent to participate in action (do not do an exception neither for business conferences or negotiations, nor for a friendly sit-round gathering and family actions) if the person wants to see you - let rejoices that you in general condescended attention to his invitation.

7. Never recognize the mistakes. Recognition of mistakes - the first step to defeat. Let others concede to you and look for compromises. If people around consider that thus you avoid the responsibility - it is their business, it does not concern you at all.

8. If you have an opportunity to help the colleague or the acquaintance - never do it. Thus you will depreciate your services and will spend time for nothing. The good does not remain unpunished.

9. If you are praised (or even award) for the work made by other people - never fall to explanations about your non-participation in success. If for some reason praise and reward - means, you deserve it.

10. Be not thick-headed, do not express the same opinion in a circle of different people. It is not our method. There is a lot of points of view and it is possible to change them easily, simply and quickly. In an office at all you can say what is necessary, and in five minutes in a smoking-room - absolutely opposite. And it is not important that most of colleagues were present and thus, and at another story. Some can call you the hypocrite is they with envy. Be not satisfied with what has already been achieved, safely state the contempt in a back to the person who just left an office, especially after just (at his presence) it was praised.

11. Having once told lies And who does not lie? All lie! It is impossible to come off collective. If it is considered that someone does not lie - means, he just was not caught red-handed yet (such for some reason the majority). And it, most likely, so that it is more skillful in lies owing to a wide experience of deception. Here it has that and it is necessary to study.

12. There is no need to speak well of people - they all the same will not estimate it. It is much simpler to consider them as not really decent and honest people in advance, then none of them will be able to deceive you. Do not try to hide negative (deservedly or not - it is unimportant) the attitude towards the person. If it still imperceptibly any bad qualities, has two options:

a) you are not really acute also these negative qualities all - is, only he carefully hides them so you will make a good deed, having exposed the bastard;

b) they at it will appear soon therefore you can tell thanks of the intuition and with quiet conscience to live further.

13. Theft - the best way to spoil reputation and to lose trust of colleagues. Watch point 11: if you were caught on theft, justify that you not one, steal everything. And as most of people steals more and more often than yours and, therefore, are more skilled in this hard business, they come across much more rare. And those who do not come across in general - those thorough swindlers.

All of you still want to get rid of trust of surrounding people, relatives, friends and colleagues? There is nothing more simply. you will not change the mind then

A? To gain the trust which is earlier lost one thousand times more difficult. To break - not to build...

Good luck to you and patience... to the people surrounding you.