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Blood donors - what they give and what is received?

my mother work as the donor. Of course, it has also other work: at office, at the computer, five days a week, eight hours a day. But four times a year she in a half a day earns so much how many at official work in a day. However, she lives in Kazakhstan - in Russia all a little differently. How exactly - I will try to tell in this article.

The first that I learned when studying this question - donors in Russia much less, than is necessary. Now we have less than 20 donors on 1000 inhabitants, and it is necessary - 40 - 60. Why there is a lot of? Very often a blood test for transfusion is taken by the patient`s relatives, and sometimes even friends, colleagues.

All the matter is that donor blood is used not only for single transfusion, but also for constants (sometimes even daily) transfusions by a sick leukosis (and not only) - without these procedures of the patient can die for few days. Here no relatives will be enough.

Besides, make blood preparations of donor blood, vital for patients with hemophilia. And not only for them. By the way, meanwhile " blood factors; Russia buys abroad for considerable money, but the plant for internal production of these valuable drugs is under construction of donor blood already now, and, so the shortcoming of donors will be felt even more sharply.

Naturally, not everyone can be the donor. It is considered that the donor, it healthy person from 18 to 60 years . If with age everything is clear, then the concept healthy demands some explanation. Cannot be the donor having a mental disease, HIV - an infection, tuberculosis, blind... Generally, it is better for future donor to talk to the therapist. By the way, it is possible to make it at once before blood sampling - a meeting with the therapist, as well as blood tests for the donor are free and become before blood sampling. The main benefit of the donor also consists in it, in my opinion.

Besides, it is better for the pregnant women (or given rise less than a year ago) who are feeding (or stopped feeding less than three months ago), working at harmful productions or taking medicine to refrain from blood donation (how many time after the end of reception needs to wait, better to know at the doctor). It is worth waiting with blood donation by that who underwent an operation recently, did vaccination, decorated itself with a tattoo...

Not having a registration in the territory of the region where the potential donor decided to take a blood test, this good cause it will be refused. As well as weighing less than 50 kg. And, of course, women should not do it during periods or less than in 5 days after its termination. It is incomplete the list of requirements - the doctor will explain everything to you much in more detail.

But even if you passed this long list of restrictions - it does not mean that it is not necessary to prepare for blood donation. Alcohol cannot be drunk two days prior to procedure, as much time needs to abstain from reception fat, fried, smoked, sharp, and also eggs and milk. Not to take medicine, including anesthetics. No smoking.. as long as possible, at least an hour before procedure. It is possible and is necessary to sleep and drink a lot of liquid. And to arrive since morning to station after a light breakfast.

Unfortunately, in the conditions of deficiency of donors many stations can neglect these rules and accept low-quality blood. For this reason it is so important to take a blood test to healthy and quite successful people for this reason almost do not pay money for blood donation. Now payment for single blood donation of 100 - 200 rubles. Sometimes it is more. Besides, actions of blood donation during which distribute to donors tickets at cinema or other small, but pleasant gifts are periodically carried out. Generally, put not really - that profitable, but also not unprofitable.

All procedure of blood donation lasts of 10 minutes till one and a half o`clock, depending on whether you take a whole blood test or its separate components. But at station of transfusion you should spend several hours - at first there will be a medical examination, and after - rest under supervision of doctors. Do not worry, at station of transfusion will issue the special reference (form No. 401/at) according to which two days off with payment preservation - day of blood donation and following it are necessary to you. In coordination with the employer it is possible to transfer the days off, for example, to add them to holiday. My mother, by the way, and the donor - that became only from - for need to take time off in time, most inconvenient for the chief.

You can take not only a whole blood test, but also blood on plasma, on platelets etc. By the way, delivery of components of blood is considered more sparing: for example, it is possible to take a blood test on plasma to 12 times a year while whole blood - only to 5 times. It is natural, important to maintain also established intervals between procedures.

For once take 400 - 500 ml of blood. If only blood components, then all " are given; not taken comes back to the donor. By the way, instead of the book it is better to take with itself a player - occupied with the device there can be both hands.

Blood with a negative Rhesus factor is appreciated more - people (and donors) with such blood less, and they cannot transfuse blood with a positive Rhesus factor.

In half a year after blood donation you will need to come to station of transfusion again - for new testing. The matter is that many viruses, for example, HIV, it is impossible to find in blood right after infection therefore all donor blood lies on quarantine before repeated testing. If you do not come - your blood will be rejected. If you come - will suggest to take a blood test once again. The choice, naturally, for you, but you remember that some privileges are put to persons, taken within a year a blood test and (or) its components in the total quantity equal to two most admissible doses .

These privileges: Receiving temporary disability benefit at all types of diseases at a rate of full earnings irrespective of the seniority within a year; prime allocation in the place of work or study of preferential permits for sanatorno - resort treatment within a year . Students can count on a 25% increase to a grant within 6 months.

The person who took free of charge a blood test of 40 times or plasma of 60 times becomes the honourable donor of Russia. It not only a badge for memory it also 6000 rubles annually. Certainly, this sum is annually compensated taking into account inflation. Besides, there are some more privileges: extraordinary treatment in the state or municipal organizations of health care within the Program of the state guarantees of rendering to citizens of the Russian Federation of free medical care; prime acquisition in the place of work or study of preferential permits for sanatorno - resort treatment; providing the annual paid vacation in a season, convenient for them, . Generally, monetary compensation seems to me the most essential of the listed remunerations.

As I already wrote, deficiency of donor blood will only increase soon. Means, the government will do blood donation by more and more easy and convenient business. For example, the mobile stations of blood transfusion capable to reach small settlements are already now entered. Besides, it is possible to wait for increase in material incentives for donors. Also I advise in more detail to learn about privileges already at the station of transfusion - territorial subjects of the federation has the right to enter the forms of encouragement.

Finally I want to tell that only 8% of the population are potential donors, however, if at least once a year this part of the population took a blood test - the need for blood of all our country would be completely satisfied.