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What do we know about plants - signs of a flower horoscope? Freesia.

For and on behalf of a flower horoscope November is met by a fearless Freesia. Time of this sign - from October 24 to November 2.

Persistence and persistence on the verge of obstinacy sometimes harms the people born under the sign of the Freesia. But the same lines help to achieve noticeable results. Freesias - the real workaholics are also ready to work, without cease, 25 hours a day without interruption for a lunch.

It is difficult not to notice a high-powered work for many years. People around belong to the Freesia with sympathy that promotes career development. But it does not hurry with manifestation of warm feelings. Good chances to win favor at those who do not prevent work.

The increased legibility leads to the fact that the family relations are entered late. House it is necessary to keep the toiler seeming tireless. To try to limit hyperactivity at work it is useless, so let`s it have a rest in the bosom of the family.

The beauty the freesia is a little known in our corner of the world though it meets more often in recent years. A freesia - a sort of perennial grassy klubnelukovichny plants of family iris or kasatikovy. Its flowers on long small stalks wonderfully combine modesty and bright beauty.

The homeland of freesias - South Africa. In a wild look they do not meet any more anywhere. Cape lilies of the valley - the second name of plants, on the district where they grow. A narrow hundred-kilometer coastal strip on extreme Hugo - the West of Africa botanists nicknamed a floristic kingdom, so differs abounding with plants - endemics a natural ecosystem of the Western Cap from surrounding territories.

Nobody can already remember how the African reached the Old World from where continued travel worldwide. For the first time representatives of a sort were described on an outcome of the 18th century, but then did not call them freesias yet, and considered as kinds of gladioluses. Passed the whole hundred years until the sort received sovereign rights to what thirty years` disputes among men of science preceded. The sort was named in honor of Friedrich Fris, the botanist and the doctor from Kiel.

The first copies of overseas plants interested only scientists and collectors. Gardeners got acquainted with freesias thanks to Maksimilian Leykhtlin (Maximilian Leichtlin), the botanist and the researcher of Africa. In 1874 he found out that in a botanical garden in Padua plants perfectly got accustomed, and told about it in several gardening magazines. Four years of a freesia later were available for sale in England, having become the real sensation.

Today the numerous hybrids removed by gardeners are widespread in culture. They are better adapted for artificial cultivation and are pleasing to the eye various coloring and a form of flowers. All shades of a rainbow are available to freesias.

Gardeners liked a possibility of obtaining colors in the closed soil at the end of winter - the beginning of spring. Cut off with dismissed one - two flowers of an inflorescence of a freesia stand in a vase about two weeks. Perfumers are involved by the aroma of flowers which is slightly reminding a smell of a lily of the valley. It became a basis of many known spirits.

A freesia flower - an innocence symbol. Excellent gift to the bride and darling. To grow up a bouquet by the beginning of March, it is worth hurrying. From landing of a freesia before its blossoming there pass 15 - 18 weeks. It is a high time to study literature and to look for landing material. Good luck.