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Bad advice. How to give gifts? Part 2

6. Kitchen equipment.

Very much suits three categories of presented:

a) the young girl who does not reflect yet what, actually, the tasty and healthy food is made of and from what party to be risen to a plate;

b) the skilled hostess who already has all this (and even the best quality) and all this already bothered.

c) eternally busy person (not important, the man it or the woman) who practically does not appear at home and eats, generally in cafe.

Anything terrible, the tenth vegetable cutter or the twentieth grater with figured nozzles, without speaking about mixers - blenders - wringers, will always be useful in any house. And nothing that a kitchenette of all of 5 meters - not to throw out a gift, let lies.

But when nine vegetable cutters break, then your, the tenth, just and is useful and will please the hostess. Each thing can wait for the hour of triumph. Just many beloved gifts of this hour do not wait - and all because of impatient people.

7. Music.

your darling, hard rock - mother. Or meeting of children`s or animation songs - to the old bachelor (and suddenly it will set him thinking and ring round all familiar women whom he once liked and to ask regarding presence of the general children?) .

If presented does not divide your addictions - teach him to listen to your favourites, read lecture and achieve that it spent at least several hours for joint listening. You teach him to appreciate the real music, but not some pop-music.

8. Animal.

Live animal. Little nice puppy Moscow sentry. Or a charming fluffy kitty - suffering from an allergy to wool. It is desirable also that these dumb animals did not respond addressed to and did not control process, the return to eating of food. Especially people who spend the most part of time at work will estimate such gift and houses, at best, only spend the night, hardly and in a light slumber crawling to a sofa. And if presented rents the rental apartment, then her owner very much will be delighted. So will be delighted that will find the new lodger.

will Even more be delighted parents small (but already able to tell and try to obtain the) the child. After acquaintance of the kid to a gift to refuse an animal it will be very problematic - the child will torture more, than would torture care of an animal.

9. Cosmetics.

the Cosmetics of acid color bought on sale on a tray near an exit from the subway - the best gift for the bewitched girlfriend. Let then treats the allergy and spots which arose from a rare species of the blush made in the uncle Li`s cellar. Or brought from Big Arnautskaya in Odessa. The most important that there was label - it is such magic inscription it seems Givenchy Gucci and made not by means of the Latin alphabet.

10. " perfume; on flood . Casting spirits and colognes concede nothing

in a smell present. And some smell even stronger - only somehow very strange, but it should not confuse you. And nothing that on taste and color (and also on a smell) there is no companion - let presented will sniff better, will get used and will get used. Even if at first will desperately sneeze just seeing this masterpiece of the Turkish or Chinese perfumery. Or will become covered by spots from an allergy on natural " components; pleasantly smelling gift.

11. Bulky things.

It is especially pleasant to b to give to

bulky and big things of unclear appointment and questionable content. For example, the old record player (which is incidentally found at the dacha at friends) - to the fan of antiques. Even if the record player post-war, and the fan of antiques is fond only of jewelry from precious products. The main thing that it is always possible to present this gift with a smile. Well, you will think, your judgments of antiques disperse a little.

Also bulky gifts to those people which have no housing are especially useful and are forced to rent the room or apartment.

P. S.

Gifts it is desirable for i to buy

in a hurry and in a hurry. On trays, in the markets, on sales and in little shops In total on 50 or In total on 10 . And to regift the gift received by you from the distant relative, three years without need lain on mezzanines and incidentally taken out during repair - twice good business. And to the person you will make pleasant (at least surprise - usually such gifts are very non-standard), and release mezzanines.

In teeth it is better for presented horse not to look. And if to look - there can be a desire to leave the donator without teeth.