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Bad advice. How to give gifts? Part 1

2. Movies.

your darlings. Or on the contrary, already (or absolutely) unnecessary. You it is crazy from Crews or Shurik`s Adventures ? You give the favourite movies, without deliberating. Even if the person whom you make happy with the gift for some reason prefers erotic movies on DVD, and on the TV watches only news. And all 15 " series; Crews at it 3 years become dusty in store rooms, and in a double copy. The most ridiculous that the second copy was presented by you last New year.

the Exception - a gift of the movie on the pre-order. Here, say, long ago wanted to watch Ryazanov`s movies, and everything legs do not reach a video hire shop or shop in any way. And so yet I have no movie of this director.

You do not give such movies essentially - you want to congratulate the person in all sincerity, and he has to be grateful for any gift, never look at gift horse`s mouth. Even if this horse three years ago he presented to your general girlfriend, 2 years ago she regifted him to you, and now you heartily want to present the same horse him to the initial owner.

3. Souvenirs and original trifles. Gratefulness and uselessness.

Angels, figurines, all supports and frames which still should be put somewhere and then to dust with them; bombonchik and thingies which it is unknown to what should be bound. If to put all useless trifles which friends managed to present you, colleagues and relatives for all years and to push all this kindly in a huge bag - any Father Frost will not cope. Be kind, litter houses of your acquaintances with any unnecessary trifles. Present how in few months at owners will reach to take away hands all this variety of the presented trifles and someone them will ask them:

- And it that for nonsense?

I will receive the answer:

- This charming figurine of a cat (or all - dogs?) presented me N. He is such darling and the attentive person, knows that I like to solve riddles. Here I already half a year try to classify this mysterious being.

4. Gifts for children - a separate subject.

the Designer from 250 details for the one-year-old kid and the book - a coloring for the fourteen-year-old young gentleman - the most suitable gifts. It is indecent to ask acquaintances how many years were executed to their successor and what he is fond of. It is better to present something at random. Who knew that Sasha at your colleague is a daughter, but not the son and tanks she is not fond.

And even better regift the gift given by some unknown well-wisher to your child and which did not find applications and not capable to interest him.

5. Clothes. to

to you like jackets with Lurex and with big flowers on a back of color of a fuchsia? Present to the young colleague same. And nothing that you will not guess the size - it can be used as a toy for a cat. Or as floorcloth as a last resort. Still someone can regift.

Even if you are absolutely sure that you know tastes of presented and can choose to it a gift - essentially never ask its size, define by eye you person rather skilled in this regard. And it does not matter what for yourself any clothes you cannot choose, previously without having measured it. As a last resort, if your gift is necessary on the heart presented, it can always alter this thing, truncate or on the contrary make inserts. Even if having altered will cost twice dearer costs of the gift, it as the decent and tactful person will not begin to pay your attention to such trifles.

Continuation - in the following article.