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Honey culture. And what you know from honey history? Part 2

And I was there, honey - beer of saws, on moustaches flew, and did not get into a mouth!

Out of doubts, honey was appreciated in the West, but it is even more - in Russia.

For a long time bee " nectar; was primordially - the Russian delicacy and drink. It is possible to tell that its emergence coincides with appearance of Slavs. Still in the ancient time in Russia honey was widely known and we love both the simple people, and grand dukes.

So, for example, we find in the Lavrentyevsky chronicle that in 945 the princess Olga ordered to weld on to Drevlyans a lot of honey for a funeral feast on the occasion of murder of the prince Igor. However honey was not just to viands, but a component of the artful plan of the princess about what Drevlyans did not suspect. the Same chronicle narrates

about the grandiose feast arranged in 996 in honor of the same Olga with her son - the prince Vladimir. The prince ordered to weld for a celebration of 300 barrels of honey. Preparation golden " nectar; it was entrusted only special medovara.

Should notice that in Russia used special glory monastic Meda, and monasteries were their largest producers.

Outcome. Getting out of use.

Honey took the first positions among the preferred drinks up to the end of the 17th century. During Peter I Meda`s era passed into the background, and their place was taken by overseas wines and vodka. Fortress of med varied: beginning from low alcohol and finishing quite strong intoxicated. However even the last could not compete with vodka (which, however, now is considered traditionally - the Russian drink). Were immeasurably weaker than Meda, though possessed pleasant taste, aroma and mass of useful properties.

Besides, the subsequent discovery of the refined sugar from a sugar cane and sugar beet also introduced the amendments in cookery that as a result forced out bee " nectar; from our everyday life. Availability and low cost of sugar, its universality played a dirty trick with honey. It is still used in cookery, but not in those volumes, than earlier.

Since that immemorial time the medovareniye in Russia lost the former scale and value, and then at all disappeared. Both former excellent quality of med, and their huge variety suffered from it.

On present feasts on one table you will not find a mead. The same overseas wines, intoxicated beer in plastic bottles, at all vodka not Russian by origin It is necessary to hope that the tradition of preparation of honey and honey drinks will not sink into oblivion, and with a new force will revive already in modern Russia, having brushed away from tables various Red bull Three Fat men or Garant ...

Epilog. Aftertastes for the sake of. I do not know

how the history course would turn as the modern civilization would look, be not on Earth - the mother of these charming creations - bees. They the back-breaking toil give us the chance to indulge themselves excellent a medical lump, pergy, with honeycombs, propolis

Value of honey for history is so big, as well as scientific inventions, opening, researches You remember the movie Butterfly Effect where at change of slightest, it would seem an act not so important at first sight, life of the main character and the people surrounding it turned over head over heels? And here. It is impossible to underestimate even insignificant things, without them, perhaps, everything would be perfect differently.

Here I, for example, would not sit in the morning and did not drink a coffee cup with honey, receiving a charge of energy and pleasure for all the day of work. Honey for me - something irreplaceable because I essentially do not use sugar. Well it another story altogether.

For many golden " nectar; - this magnificent cold medicine, fatigue, bad mood All, apparently, trifles, but what pleasant trifles!.

My dear, do not forget: except the sugar, cakes stuffed with heavy cream, cakes and frozen (as Vovka from " spoke; Faraway kingdom ) there is also such, unique according to the characteristics, a natural product - honey ! Same sweet, same tasty and nutritious, but - in hundreds of times more useful! So let`s bring benefit and to give pleasure to the organism!

Eat honey and good luck and are vigorous!