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Walks across Moscow - as an easy sport? Whether

Often the average resident of our megalopolis go to simple walks on the central small streets of the capital? I doubt, in this respect there are one thousand excuses: the pier, is a lot of work, there is no wish to spend free time on such nonsense and so on.

A that if to look at spontaneous walks across Moscow as on an easy sport? Distance from Smolensk to Borovitskaya or from Kropotkinskaya to Okhotny Ryad are literally 5 minutes on the favourite car if, of course, you possess enough luck not to get stuck in a stopper. Or the saved money on gasoline, the contribution to purity of air of the multimillion city and minutes of 40 pleasant and slow walkings on streets of the capital of the biggest country of the world with the secrets, legends, imperceptible little shops, eternal monuments and hundreds of passersby who are not paying attention to the pleasant trifles of everyday life surrounding them.

Sounds invitingly, isn`t that so?

Then while the fall still indulges Muscovites in the solar days, go to a way from the area of Europe to metro stations Kiev through Borodinsky Bridge over the Moskva River where do not forget to imprint a beautiful view of the Government house, to Smolenskaya Square. And there on the Old Arbat to Library of V. I. Lenin, having stopped for several minutes in one of cozy cafes.

You fan of contrasts? Then replace slightly depressing old times a carefree scope of the New Arbat, having appeared there, having passed through the back streets separating it, solemnly leave in capital heart through Manezhnaya Square. Long journey? It only seems at first sight. Perhaps, from - for numbers of above-mentioned places through which you will manage to pass, but such walk will occupy with a moderate step hour one and a half. But will leave the sea of photos, impressions and desire to repeat something similar, and yours sat up on a workplace in a week the body will only tell you thanks.

However there is also one more " option; porazmyat stones office plankton. The place of the beginning of walk - the Sports metro station, namely - park at the Novodevichy Convent. I advise to go there as soon as crowns become covered with gold dust of the foliage which served the. Quite good idea will be to take with itself a thermos with hot tea or coffee and to steam of nourishing sandwiches to arrange small picnic on one of benches overlooking a pond which inhabitants - capital kryak it is possible too, by the way, to treat with a bread crust.

Having supported, you come to the embankment and you head towards Gorky Park, by Neskuchny Garden in which depth it is possible to glance if there is a handful of pine nuts and desire to make friends with local fluffy proteins. Reached the Park of Culture and you feel that forces absolutely abandoned you? Then it is only worth passing on the bridge Moscow - the river and it is possible to go down under the earth to take the place in one of " cars; " subways;. And if at this stage you are not ready to finish capital march yet - a throw, then continue to move on the embankment to Kropotkinskaya or to the Red Square.

It is only couple of ideas for walks in loneliness or with friends. And maybe, air in the center of the capital is not so pure as it would be desirable, and megalopolis sounds not to everyone caress hearing, but to live in such city as Moscow and not to notice its beauty and freedom of spirit it will be inexcusable.