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When it is necessary to tell farewell?

Month, back I was called by the neigbour and with tears told that with her favourite cat the Down, something not that. On the symptoms described by it I assumed poisoning and advised the veterinarian whom it is possible to address. Everything was very sadly, forecasts for treatment of intoxication not iridescent, the doctor gave to about 5% of the chance of recovery. At everything at the same time, the poor cat constantly suffered from pain.

Hope, my neigbour, the person who is extremely believing in God therefore idea about an opportunity lulling to slip The Gun, caused in it horror. But, on - pro-procession of several days of shouts and tortures of the favourite, she listened to a voice of reason, and all - decided on euthanasia.

It was the background which suggested me an idea on writing of this article.

We all very much love the pets and we drive from ourselves thought that, once and they will have to leave us. But always, alas, this moment, comes sooner or later. Your happiness if your favourite left you quietly in a dream, from an old age. But it is frequent, very often life presents us with a choice to leave the animal to suffer, that is to die the death or, having shown mercy to agree to euthanasia.

When it is necessary to manage to tell farewell? When, it is necessary to reconcile or overcome own sense of guilt? When, not one veterinarian, and a little, precisely told that there is no possibility of recovery of your pet. When you see that you are not able to help the pet, and his torments are intolerable.

How to find forces, courage to understand that already in total ?

I can say, only by the experience that it is very heavy, but it is necessary to understand that except you - the owner of an animal, this decision will not be made by nobody. There will be no blue fairy and wave of a hand will not resolve a problem and the miracle most likely will not occur.

Of course, I began to treat it so far not at once. More than ten years ago, my cat got poisoned, having eaten the poisoned mouse. After a trip to Skryabinovka, I decided that the - that I at death will defend a cat, in something! There was a February, the cat slowly died, she did not go, itself did not eat and here I to it prolonged such agony till April until my mother slowly secretly from me brought it to lull. As I hated mother at that moment as, she killed my cat! But there passed ten years, I matured and understood what courage I to my mother, then cost this step. To this day, I am grateful to it, for the fact that she rescued Daisy from my further mockeries, I gave every day to a cat of a dropper, injections, violently fed and gave to drink, without understanding that all this, besides that senselessly, but also it is very cruel!

For these ten years I said goodbye to two dogs. With my favourite girls, with those with whom I stepped from youth in adulthood. Both of them left tragicly and both times, the choice was for me, to suffer them or it is easy to leave. Of course, I released them without torments though my heart is broken off still from loss understanding.

I know absolutely precisely, can be still not soon when I do not become, my girls will meet me, and we will be happy together again! All dogs get to Heaven!