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German humour. What it?

For some reason emerge from memory of the childhood a joke about meeting of all of the best and advanced from each of the countries of socialist camp. There appeared, it is remembered, the Mongolian advanced technologies, the Russian order, easy and clear Hungarian and... German humour.

Yes. German humour... Here English - here everything is remarkable and in all civilized world is high tsenimo, though is specific. French did not pump up too. And the Polish humour is appreciated by Europe, and even to the Russian humour pays a tribute (success of our young writer Vladimir Kaminer to that confirmation). And here German...

Specific thing, them, Germans, internal affair. Joke, laugh - the stranger do not butt in. It will be ridiculous, of course, but graces and subtleties, as well as witty impromptus, it is not necessary to expect. Because the impromptu is something unauthorized, spontaneous, and in the German life a certain place and time including to humour has to be allocated to everything.

Explanation of these specifics, in my opinion, it. The humour without irony and sarcasm is fresh. And the irony and sarcasm not too often occur at Germans, Germans of these things, including them " are rather afraid; purely French troubles . Therefore humour usually simple, healthy - Gy of Hectare of Gu.

An example of the pseudo-medieval, often executed in feasts German chastushkas: The knight Gottfried in an armor decided to move down down a handrail of the lock... (From what bodun it climbed up to it in the head, it is unclear). An armor closed not all parts of a body. The small tack - and now, after this handrail stuck out of a handrail, the knight Gottfried is forced to sing in church choir of boys. This simple story causes an invariable laughter at all listening, ladies and men. Word bottom mentioned in any context and in any even refined society also raises an invariable wide smile. Long Frankfurt sausages simply are called M ä nnerstolz - male pride .

Stories and jokes about blondes have special success (sch ö ne blonde Deutsche). Nonsense of the figuristy blonde as character of jokes is well-known, but here an example from respected current - show: Continue the most known German saying: Warum . Further has to go: ist die Banane krumm (why curve banana) - analog of Russian: Why - just because it`s there . Unexpected continuation of this most " follows from public; Warum - ist die Blondine dumm? (why blonde silly woman?) . The laughter is deafening, the public wipes tears from laughter.

Mild, slightly rough mockeries over allegedly nonsense of east friezes - " are traditional; German inhabitants of Far North . Friezes do not take offense and turned this type of humour into the commercial project, selling in souvenir shops of a plateau and bag with jokes about them... (Drawing on a bag: the Viking in a horned helmet and an inscription: My people visited Ostfriziya. From there is nothing to bring, except this foolish " bag;) . Or: Why Yaan and Kirsten learn English? They adopted the English child and want to understand him when he starts talking .

After falling of the Wall new characters - " became especially popular; Ossy - east Germans and Vessie - western. About it it is much written, the whole collections of jokes are published, and it is a subject for separate article. In my opinion, jokes east over western are wittier ( Vessie in paradise of mechanics, and in hell - police officers ) .

If you in a joke did not understand something, to you will repeat it repeatedly, will classify and in every way will achieve your laughter. It is necessary to laugh in this case even if not ridiculously, you should not offend the witty man.

The humiliating, offending jokes nobody in Germany affords. It is indecent, politically incorrect and unworthy. Taboos are spiteful jokes over foreigners, jokes over appearance, religion, tastes and interests of the interlocutor and in general any playful comment of its way of life.

Inhabitants boundary with France bilingual Saarland are more spontaneous and inclined to an impromptu - the proximity of France affects, probably. I remember, my colleague in Saarbruecken, looking from a window of university at the cemetery located through the road, unexpectedly said: How you like this work overlooking prospect?

The humour constructed on a difference of the German dialects is very specific. It is a pity that these semantic games, being translated into Russian, lose salt and an essence, and in general, the German humour loses in the translation as it is impossible to transfer phonetic funny things, unfortunately. Saxons play a trick on residents of Prussia, a shvaba - over Saxons, and all together - over Bavarians and Berliners.

The Russian simple jokes, those that it is possible to translate literally, so to speak, universal pleased Germany, and learning Russian Ossy which are more senior, can please easily you with the most indecent Russian chastushka, not always up to the end understanding what there is a speech about. Our intellectual jokes, even being translated adequately, are not perceived at all.

The subject of the German humour is infinite and various. Germans also joke on the politicians, angrily and bitingly, directly in a forehead (when, with coming to power of Angela Merkel, the tax on sales (Mehrwertsteuer) was lifted to nineteen percent, the people nicknamed this tax Merkelsteuer). And play a trick on the humour, but - and it is better to remember it - to nobody from foreigners allow to joke on themselves angrily.

So - one sincere council. Paraphrasing Kozma Prutkov, we will tell: You do not joke with Germans about them. These jokes are silly and indecent .