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Whether thoughts are material?

What is thought and whether it can materialize? Controversial issue but interesting. The thought is a part of human consciousness without which the consciousness would be dead. To think, means to recover, improve or, on the contrary, to break, blacken the consciousness. Notice, we think of good - the mood is lightened. We think of bad - we get a depression and melancholy. All this is clear. And if thoughts affect our mental state, there is a question: whether it is possible to build the future by means of thought and to receive desirable result?

Present, the person thinks of that, as if to him to have a rest at the sea after long-term monotonous work and money is not present. A commonplace for most of Russians. And thoughts and fly to warm sea coast! And here money it is lent by the good person, and, having escaped from daily routine, it goes to the sea. Sees the sea and understands that all his thoughts cling to his legs, rustle with sea waves, and they can be touched. Here it is a materialization! But what for this purpose is necessary? Whether one desire and thoughts will be enough?

Sometimes also it is enough. But nevertheless it is desirable to have a clear idea of what you want. If rest, then it that was on a pocket. It is possible to dream also of smart rest, but dreams of subjects also differ from thoughts that they are torn off from reality and therefore are usually unrealizable.

What would not tell esoterics, magicians and psychologists about power of thought there, it is powerless if we depart from reality. Reality - piece strict, almost like mathematics. To Bend it under itself(himself) not everyone therefore also thoughts have to be brought under the standard of reality can.

In many books in which advice on " is given; to self-improvement and healing there is one mistake. To look in a mirror and to tell I am beautiful! - it does not mean to become beautiful at absolutely ordinary appearance. It means to find forces to recognize that I am beautiful in own way and to learn to live with it.

The same has to act also in a case, so far as concerns happiness, health, the relations with people. It is not necessary to think that any, even our most crazy thought is obliged to materialize.

In everything the sobriety is necessary. It is possible that all our thoughts have the rights for a materialization. But time flies, it changes everything, and the fact that today it seems essential need, will be unnecessary tomorrow. Perhaps therefore almost all religions of the world demand to subdue the thoughts, not to load them excess details.

And if all so if any our thought can become material, then and responsibility for our thoughts has to be extremely high. And then words of the famous song - my thoughts, my racers - will begin to sound in a different way, without dashing bravado. sparks are dangerous where they were lit not for heat.

And if the thought is material, it can bring both advantage, and harm. It is simple to present what the most odious villains thought of, the result of their cogitative activity speaks for itself. The evil in the world does not exist, the evil is given rise by people the thoughts and affairs.

But as there is a wish to believe that thoughts of love, happiness and pleasure one fine day materialize in love, happiness and pleasure!