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How to learn to work successfully? Part 2

we Continue the conversation on successful work begun earlier. Today we will talk about why the success in work can be disturbed by the competition and how to secure itself against it.

So, rule of successful work No. 2: constantly develop professionally.

Sounds it is a little banal, isn`t that so? But more detailed analysis of this rule shows that not everything is as simple as it seems.

I will give an example. Once one my acquaintance, the psychologist developing one of the directions of psychotherapy, new and little-known at us, in our country in conversation with me complained that a pier, ideas plunder, and is unclear how to fight against it. My answer was for it a real discovery... and I actually gave it an example of how the situation could develop, use it the rule of successful work No. 2.

So, here situation: this woman - the psychologist carried out serious work: opened new authors also transferred their works, adapted new, perspective technologies of the help to clients... and then just began to work on these technologies, without developing them and at the same time being engaged in teaching. Naturally, there was much " soon; followers who quickly copied her ideas and began to use them independently. And it meant considerable reduction of the income and emergence of the serious competition for it...

And now we will take an opposite situation when the person is guided by the second rule. What at the same time occurs? He introduces new technologies in the work, but does not stop on it, and goes to study, say, on even more advanced the course or works with materials of more high quality experts. And it gradually brings that knowledge, skills which he at the same time gains in the work, improving it.

So far competitors puzzle over how these or those its technologies work, the hero of our story on the basis of the gained knowledge already creates new technologies and introduces them.

as a result it becomes the only thing in the area who owns these techniques, and competitors are simply not able to give something similar due to continuous professional growth of this person and products of his work.

To be effective and successful, in the modern world it is already insufficiently simple to carry out the duties - to do what you did always. For this purpose it is necessary to do slightly more, than you did earlier, and slightly - slightly in a different way - in a new way. Both in business, and in successful work of stops in development cannot be: or you grow and move forward in professional (and other) growth, or do not do it, but then are with guarantee rolled away back and lose the won positions. And then you are succeeded by those who really understand importance of continuous development.

You want to check how well you use this rule of successful work? Answer 3 questions: whether you Read to

professional magazines in the area and what you take from there?

What most perspective technology / method of work appeared in your professional area within the last two years? Whether you own them? What

percent of that knowledge and skills which you own are available to use by other people from open sources (books, courses, trainings)?

How it is possible to use this rule in practice? Of course, as the instruction to what you need to do!

For example if you want to learn to earn more, to improve the relations with money, to reach financial independence, then the following list can be taken as the guide to action:

First: you raise professionally. Read at least 2 books a month on your specialty. Already one it will allow you to enter the best 5% of experts in your sphere that in itself will be provided by growth of your income as high quality employee.

The second: read books about money and about management of personal finance. Even one book a month on this subject will allow you to be in financial tone also will provide motivation to support the finance in a full order. The main thing - to hold the chosen speed and not to stop.

The third: visit the trainings devoted to a subject of money. Trainings about money are now carried out quite a lot, and each of them allows to take for himself something special. It makes sense to visit them once in half a year - year.

The fourth: you study at other people - find to yourself the mentor. It is the person, communication with whom will allow you to master in a short space of time the most important features of your profession on which independent discovery at you long months and even years can leave. Presence of the mentor will help you to keep precious time and to direct it to achievement of others, the purposes, not less important for you. And thanks to it your work can already become rather successful.