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How to behave in street fight? An individual fight of

for anybody not a secret that our today`s world is rather cruel and restless, especially recently. The speech in article will go how to behave in a street fight. From time immemorial, in the world, and in particular in Russia, people who can stand for themselves in any situation were highly appreciated. Still, ability to fight is necessary for any man which wants that he and his relatives could walk quietly down the street and not look around. Unfortunately, not always occupation by martial arts keeps within during our life, but the small principles of conducting individual fight are available to everyone.

First of all, all skirmishes share on individual and group. About the first it will be written below in more detail. In - the first, fight in private it is put by the fact that any opponent has pluses and minuses. The professional fighter can define them at once and in a large number, it is enough to you to assess a situation generally. Also you remember, you not at competition, according to all standards of hand-to-hand fight, fight should not last more than 10 seconds (contrary to the opinion put from the American fighters) - during this time the opponent is simply obliged to be prostrate.

And now, imagine that all of you - were got involved in a fight or already on a threshold. If not to avoid it   in any way; - beat with the first, it will stun the opponent and will give you the chance to leave fight or to finish it with victorious result.

One and all have to know elementary technology of fight :

1) Correct rack . Legs are slightly bent in knees, one costs ahead another, body weight on ¾ it is postponed for a lobby. Hands (brush) are slightly lower than the level of eyes; that that ahead, - it is parallel to a trunk. A straight line backbone, the head it is easily inclined. It is very important that all body was relaxed, but any muscle has to be ready to sharp attack. It is not necessary to stand still, better to move to any party, however, without losing under legs of an accurate support.

2) Breath can be two types. Or equal and quiet, necessary for drawing powerful and direct shots, or frequent and faltering, as at a dog. The second type (primary to nonprofessionals) is necessary in order that blows turned out more sharply and quicker, and also not to bring down breath after beat you, for example, after if hit you in a stomach, then the postponed consequences will be much easier and restoration will take several times less time.

3) One more important factor which will disturb anyway you in a fight is pain. hidden the only, but very important point Here - it is not necessary to leave from pain - it is necessary to go to it. Or rather, in that party where its action is directed. I will give a simple example - when you are pulled for an ear if you pull in the opposite direction, most likely, you will feel a bigger discomfort, and here if you go there where you are pulled - pain will pass and a certain way out can appear. Too most: if to you the blow is turned, you will go to that party where it is directed.

4) For bigger efficiency it is necessary to know, and as it is correct to to beat . It can be done by a fist or an edge of a palm. At blow you have to put all forces in a palm and as if pull hard a body a little, giving additional weight. The fist is thrown out promptly, parallel to all hand. The thumb on a fist has to be placed at the very bottom from a wrist, it is necessary to beat the next to a brush phalanxes of index and average fingers.

Some more small moments necessary for your victory. You should not thrash just like that anywhere - be more cunning. The main points in which it is necessary to aim: eyes, nose, jaw, throat, solar plexus, kidneys, liver, groin, tailbone, patellae, ankles. If the opponent is much better than you on physical shape - that universal is not really pleasant, but effective reception today: occupation of the inguinal area - the stronger you will squeeze, the it will be simpler to manipulate to you the victim.

All to you good you go on dark lanes more accurately Good luck!