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Virtual sex: illusion or reality?

you sometime made surfing on sex - the websites? I tried. It is necessary to tell that occupation it not for the faint-hearted.

However, sometimes I want something non-standard. Especially after the difficult working day and couple of bottles of dark " beer; Black prince “ at supper. Then I turn on the old computer and I enter a network. Time comes by midnight, and pulls me to communicate on erotic subjects. I suspect that it is better to do it with professionals, and owing to my pronounced heterosexual orientation - with professionals.

It was not succeeded to find Russian mistress in on the mode - line to me still. Perhaps they are absent at all. And here in the west of such ladies great variety. However, there is a problem with language - I only know English and that barely. Therefore everyones French, German, Spanish, Italian and even Japanese advanced mistress automatically drop out of the field of my attention. However, those that remain are quite enough: from the States, Canada, the old woman of Great Britain, Australia. I did not find anybody only in English-speaking New Zealand yet. But, give everything one after another.

I, of course, guessed that for communication with professionals of the dictionary under O. S. Akhmanova`s edition will not be enough and therefore in advance installed on the computer a translation program of X - Translator. Amusing it is piece - the machine translator. The first mistress (it seems, from Florida), according to the machine version, told me that on it a transparent night dressing gown, and it “ to want to know me well “.

Another, too from the States, wrote: “ I am absolutely sensitive, I move a finger on an internal surface of your hip, and then I will concern a reverse side of spheres to lick them “. (If you do not trust, banish through X - Translator the phrase “ I’m absolutely tender, moving my finger along the internal surface of your thigh and then I’ll touch the back party of your balls to lick them “) . In total anything, but “ to concern a reverse side of spheres “ - it too!

In a network something non-standard often meets. I love unusual and with pleasure I comprehend each new portion of entertaining information. For example, recently to me the website devoted to strap on met. Such term designate … as if correctly to tell it? Well, when women of make love with an opposite sex, playing a prepotent role and using dildo. Certainly, it is anal sex.

Or here still CFNM - such abbreviation designate the most different plots in which Clothed Female/Nude Male (the dressed woman / the nude man). However, words not to describe it.

Statistically about 7% of users of a global web have sex in the online mode. In terms of real people - it is nearly ten million people. Why there is a lot of? In - the first, it is possible to realize practically any non-standard scenario, impossible in real life. Those who simply lack emotions and impressions have very often virtual sex.

In - the second, similar sex does not impose any obligations on partners, besides there is no risk to catch venereal diseases. In some cases virtual sex is good means of non-drug therapy for diffident people.

Surprisingly, but the main adherents of such sex at all not teenagers, but people of middle age are: from 30 to 45 years. Probably because, having virtual sex, it is possible to recognize himself from the new party.

And still there are suits for cybersex. Protozoa sex - simulators are connected to the computer through serial USB - port, and management is in online hands - the partner. In principle it is usual electronically - mechanical means of stimulation which are compatible to the computer.

However progress does not stand still. In 2000 - m to year one of leaders sex - the industries - the American company “ Vivid Entertainment Incorporated “ offered the first suits for cybersex (cost of 170 US dollars). They were made of rubber, had 36 sensors, there were man`s and female models. At the same time if to put on a helmet with earphones, then it is possible to hear the partner`s voice, and on the display of a helmet to see his face.

Soon virtual sex - the partner can be created to the taste, using new computer developments. Also those who claim that cybersex involuntarily forms innovative technologies are right.

And the elementary devices for cybersex actually already won the market. So representatives of the Californian company “ Sinulate Entertainment “ declared that since the beginning of the 21st century they sold several thousands of sets for intimate communication on the Internet.