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1. It is necessary to prepare all necessary accessories: linen, stockings, gloves, a veil, shoes, costume jewelry, a handbag that in the wedding day not to ring round neighbors of girlfriends and acquaintances in search of necessary things.

2. In advance agree with the hairdresser. At the choice of a hairdress also you remember that it is necessary to you hard day with dances, strong embraces, etc. therefore it is necessary to take care of that a hairdress as it is possible more strong kept. The same to treat manicure: it is undesirable to use false nails, they can fall off or break when performing any competitions or in other reasons. During the last fitting of a wedding dress do not forget to attach to its hem as much as possible pins (odd number) in order to avoid a malefice. It is also possible to put under a lining of a dress or underwear a security prayer


3. Be convinced that all invitations (as the bride is always engaged in wedding invitations) are distributed and all guests are well informed on the action course.

4. Finally and precisely agree with the photographer and video - the operator.

Stipulate with them all details: for example, from what corner it is better to remove you (because you so best of all turn out) what moments need to be imprinted surely and what should not be removed at all. It is worth talking also to the host. Often happens so that the host uses such competitions which are not pleasant to the bride. Therefore in advance discuss with it coming numbers that nothing spoiled to you mood at a wedding.

5. Carry out not less long-awaited, than a wedding, a hen night.

you Descend with the best friends in night club - restaurant, have a good time, properly, with all the heart it is your the last Independence Day . On a hen night it is also necessary to solve finally which of girlfriends or relatives will be a leader on your repayment, prepare games and competitions for the groom and the witness to get from it a lot of money which after a wedding by all means will be useful to you.

6. Do not forget to carry out clear-out of own apartment in which you will redeem. After floors and furniture are brought to gloss, prepare all necessary for ritual: a sparkling, easy entertainment, wine glasses for guests. Decorate rooms with flowers, posters. Prepare special objects for those competitions which the groom should pass.

7. Before a wedding you should sleep well. In order that it is fine to feel and be in good mood all forthcoming day, the most solemn in yours lives. Besides healthy sound sleep will exert beneficial influence on your appearance that, you see, is not less important. Therefore it is possible even to resort before a wedding to soothing for the night what sleeplessness from - for holiday disorders

would not torment.

8. As well as your groom, you should not take strong alcoholic drinks at own wedding. Some brides strongly are nervous and worry in day of the wedding (it clearly, all - not every day it happens) and think that alcohol will embolden to them, relaxedness. Perhaps, of course, so it also is, but alcohol - a thing unpredictable, and goodness knows as surplus of champagne (not to mention more hard liquors) will affect your health exactly today. Think of quite obvious unpleasant things which can happen to you. Besides from alcohol you can strongly redden, at you the head can begin to spin. Generally, the drunk bride at own wedding - it is awful.

9. On a festive celebration be attentive not only to the groom, but also to all present guests, especially to parents.

Many brides from - for shyness pay at a wedding more attention to guests and parents in return, forgetting that it is necessary to observe tactfulness and in relation to relatives and the husband`s guests, they came to congratulate you too, to be glad for you, to get acquainted and recognize you closer. Now they are your guests, relatives. Therefore be polite, friendly with all who are present at your wedding, make about yourself good impression, of nothing and nobody hesitate and be not afraid. Most important: when - someone from guests leaves and says goodbye to you, do not forget to thank them for gifts and for the fact that they came.

10. Feel like the queen. It is your day. It is your holiday, and allow to spoil to nobody it. Smile also you awaking are fine because only the happy smile can make the person rather beautiful.

Happy wedding!

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