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Who such barbegaz?

Every time when I hear a name popular a kitsch - Barbie dolls, cannot keep from association from a barbegaza though these beings are not similar to the toy beauty at all.

Barbegaz is such mysterious gnomy folk that lives in the Alps, according to French and Swisses. Folklore sources attribute to these kids huge legs, more precisely, than a foot, incomparable to their growth and similar to skis.

Exactly thanks to existence of such feet of a barbegaza easily move on friable snow and roll down with mountain slopes not worse than real athletes - mountain skiers. Barbegaz successfully use the lower extremities not only when transporting on snow caps of mountain tops, but also as a shovel at construction of tunnels in which they are real masters. Conveniently, you do not find?

Say that the Alpine gnomes received the patrimonial name from the French words barbes glac é es that means the ice or frozen beards: whether reminds their indumentum of an icicle, whether they just are available in a head of hear and beards - I definitely cannot tell as in reference books different versions meet. But their main distinctive feature from other gnomes also consists in it.

And they live in the mountain caves connected among themselves by skillfully constructed tunnels and transitions and prefer to sleep in the summer, are awake only in the winter because do not take out bright light and heat, and wake up only after the first snowfall. Entrances to dwellings of these remains are covered with icicles too, that is disguised.

It is considered that barbegaz never go down below the Alpine meadows. And to notice them it is very difficult from - for white fur clothes like the overalls allowing to disappear against snow. Funny: distinction in vestments of representatives of a masculine and feminine gender is not observed. There is a wish to believe that beards are available only for men.

The speech of a barbegaza is very peculiar: she can remind both howl of wind, and singing of a horn, and a groundhog whistling, and a hoot of an eagle owl. Sound intensity and it coloring varies depending on distance at which there are interlocutors.

Except construction, these hardworking beings are engaged in an unearthing of the avalanches which descended from mountains. They, on beliefs, warn people about danger and constantly save travelers from snow blockages. Agree, such behavior is the main and nesporimy argument in favor of a peaceful warehouse of character of a barbegaza.

And if to frighten this gnome, then he jumps up like the partridge which is fluttering out from a grass. Only of what they are afraid - about that nobody knows.