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To nurse the child - unless it is good?! I Represent

how critics rub dry palms in an anticipation, get swords from a sheath, natachivat pole-axes, check tomahawks and hatchets for sharpness

Well, give, start! Now I will approach closer a target, I will stretch hands, I will raise above the head. Here so approximately! Well, who the first?

To what, actually, I all this? Yes to the fact that to feed the child - not that optimistic and cloudless happiness as present to its mass media to young mummies. It is the dreadful dream interrupted by shout, a scrappy dream,

which is inflated as a balloon with a breast Most often feeding represent approximately so: you will take the child, apply him to a breast and - oh, happiness! - you will recline as Sistine Madonna, blissfully and with affection looking at the smacking the lips child.

As if not so!

In - the first , the child still it is necessary to put correctly. Despite a congenital instinct, these little small insects are in the habit to be enough incorrectly a breast, only for a tip. It is easy for the child, it is pleasant to mother, all super! And result - incomplete depletion of a breast, stagnation, milk reduction. And here for the correct capture of a breast it is necessary to work, the child has to choke as if with a breast, and for this purpose it has to take all areola.

In - the second , decantation. After each feeding. One and a half - two months before establishment of a lactation. As it finished me! And day and night, before deleting of skin on a breast. I am a decent mummy, I wanted to feed long and happily the kid, and there was a lot of milk, and it instantly rose . And if the child suddenly sank into a deep and equal sleep for about 4 hours, then described in literature nagrubaniye of mammary glands just nearby did not lie with what the breast turned into. At the same time all you hope that here now he will wake up, but then the hope leaves, and sadly trudge on kitchen to fill the next can.

I do not know how others, but I was pursued with firmness by feeling of milk plant, and at peak of productivity.

In - the third , own body. To dare to buy super - an ergonomic chair for feeding not everyone can do (paradox, but those who can buy are not especially torn to feed, want to keep on - maiden a young breast). From here - tricks like pillows, rollers, supports and other useless objects. First of all you think of that it was convenient to the child, and it is very often accompanied by own inconvenience which nothing to facilitate. Minutes through five the hand begins to grow dumb, then the waist, all back, a neck slowly goes crazy... By the end of the put 15 minutes there is already a wish to howl. To howl loudly, urgently give the moon!

And thoughts during feeding? Whether there will be enough milk? Why he so inertly eats, it is not pleasant to him, I have tasteless milk. Why he so greedy eats, likely, he does not gorge on, I have not enough milk. Fell asleep, as if it is so more successful to shift it to manage to decant milk in silence.

Well, and where the promised happiness and ecstasy?

After the second brought-up child I for myself revealed terrible secret. I suspect that the feeding promotion which repeatedly amplified recently for certain did not do without men. Well, and to whom it can be still so favorable that the woman stayed at home as long as possible?

To have plenty to lose them, too actively all women to whom pregnancy not a hindrance began to occupy their territories primordially: they work till last days and after the delivery many are ready to come to work nearly at once. How still to convince the woman who tasted all fruits of emancipation, feminism and other pleasures of life, to stay at home? And, it is not simple to sit, and with pleasure. It is necessary to give it this pleasure. Or to think up that it is. And already squall of circulations, news, transfers about advantage of breastfeeding and harm artificial (which, notice, quite on forces and the man), about pleasure which is felt by the feeding mother rushes.

And women trust, both sit, and feed, courageously suffer and torture the body, often bringing it on an altar of probable improvement of health of the child. For example, raised two of my children grew at nutritious and valuable breast milk absolutely differently though in both cases I did everything identical.

However, all above described horrors first of all concern the beginning of feeding, formation, accustoming, development of the individual mode. And this time of titanic work and tension for mother which pays off a hundredfold. However, several months later. The matured kid who is joyfully examining you from under a breast smiling a toothless smile enough you with small chubby fingers - here it, the promised happiness!

And let men rejoice: we houses, we with their child, and only that pressing feeling of tenderness which takes is available to us, absorbs, seizes the feeding mother. It is necessary to tell " only in time; stop to all thoughts and cares to close eyes and to be sent completely to the power of this mysterious and incomprehensible process created by the nature especially for us. At this moment any woman becomes really similar to the Madonna, and the interested husband`s look the best for that the proof.

So, my dear critics, put the military arsenal, bury the war axe, close a season of hunting and let`s drink on brudershaft a liqueur glass to tea!

to Nurse the child - it is good!
it is even not simply good

I, and it is healthy! And here as long to feed is already another story altogether.