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How to help the newborn to get rid of gripes?

Colic - an attack of sharp skhvatkoobrazny pains, owing to a spasm of hollow body (a gall bladder, bilious channels, mochetochnik, a gut, etc.) is more often at diseases of abdominal organs. (The popular medical encyclopedia, 1979)

Only about infantile gripes, not connected with any other serious diseases, the speech in this article will go. The conclusion is done by the treating children`s doctor. When the health worker excluded all other diagnoses and confirmed that colic disturbs the kid, then can start studying and application of below-mentioned councils.

What can become the reason of developing of gripes?

Food intolerance: sensitivity to protein of cow`s milk or to the products eaten by mother and which are transmitted through milk (in most cases it is possible to achieve partial or full tolerance of protein of cow`s milk in connection with maturing of protective function of an intestinal wall and with gradual activation of enzymes zheludochno - an intestinal path, under a condition if the nonmilk diet was adjusted on early terms of formation of an allergy to cow protein and it was strictly observed);

The air swallowed during feeding or crying;

Superexcitability of the kid (the concern of parents which is transferred to the child or influence of maternal hormone of the progesterone influencing muscular activity and a dream);

The spasms connected with insufficient development zheludochno - an intestinal path.

How the behavior of the child changes?

Crying amplifies in a certain time of day or after feeding, especially in the evenings;

Crying sound shrill and sharp;

The child sharply tightens legs to a tummy as though it hurts;

A tummy rages or firm to the touch.

10 councils for disposal of gripes

1. Welcome, the most important - to exclude all irritants which disturb mother, the father, all who contact to the child. It is known that the kid feels mood of parents.

2. Check how the kid is dressed and what temperature indoors, do not overheat it. The metabolism at children proceeds more intensively, than at adults and, moreover, is followed by development of heat. The organism of the child needs to get rid of this heat. There is it in two ways - through a nose and through skin. The surrounding temperature is higher, the less heat is lost by the kid, but he has to get rid of it. Then sweat glands, as a result - an intertrigo, a potnitsa, organism dehydration, loss of the vital minerals, a metabolic disorder in general get into gear. And as a consequence of all above-mentioned - gripes begin. The kid is swollen out and hurt by a tummy. Temperature indoors where there is a kid, has to be within 18 - 21 With, air more often. Do not create a condition for bacteria. Stagnant air - remarkable incubator for viruses. Temper the kid that he got used to different conditions, otherwise not tempered child at the slightest whiff of wind can get pneumonia. Especially it concerns children premature, weak.

3. Spread the kid on a tummy for day before each food, but you do not bring the child to hysterics. This procedure bears in itself a set of the positive moments:

as it is known, this exercise strengthens cervical and back muscles of the kid;

the kid otrygivat the swallowed air;

he is tired and quicker drinks the portion of a milk (can fall asleep, of course, but will oversleep not a long time and will wake up with brutal appetite that is good for children who badly eat);

in a day the kid will work enough, and intervals of a night dream will become longer;

this procedure is not applied at night to the child, so he will learn to distinguish day of night and will not mix this two time of day.

4. Before the last feeding, on the eve of a night dream do massage of a tummy (to kids with not begun to live umbilical cord, with hernia or fistulas, after operations - it is inapplicable):

roundabouts around a pupochka clockwise, without pressing strongly, it is better through clothes not to injure a gentle thin skin and not to shift it;

draw the Latin letter " on a tummy; S beginning the movement with a hand from - under right parts of edges through a navel, finishing at the left in the lower part of a basin;

5. Exercise bending - extension of legs effectively will help the kid to get rid of GAZ cars:

bending to a tummy, extension of two legs is carried out with small pripodnyatiy buttocks (often with this exercise the result is heard.) It is carried out for 1 - 3 approach a day on 5 - 10 times;

bending - extension of legs serially. Exercise repetition frequency, as well as previous.

6. When you take the kid on hands to transfer:

take it for a tummy and press a back to the stomach. Its head has to be at the level of a breast, your hands are linked in the lock on his stomach. Going, you poprygivat that there was a small pressing a tummy of the kid.

put it on a hand facedown: his head outside of your elbow, your palm on his tummy. Make the shaking movement up - down.

The following councils are carried out occasionally and only in more hard cases of gripes.

7. Well-known, but all for some reason the exhaust tubule forgotten by - the help to the kid from GAZ cars. The entered end is oiled calcinated olive or sunflower. If there is no exhaust tubule, it is possible to use the wadded ear stick which is also moistened in the calcinated vegetable oil. These ways help also at locks. It is not necessary to abuse procedures as the kid himself has to learn to get rid of GAZ cars.

ATTENTION: not to use any other objects for performance of the procedures specified in this point, the maximum depth of input of an exhaust tubule - 1,5 cm, a Q-tip - 1 cm

8. Happens that the kid lacks water that the ventricle coped with dense (for the kid dense) dairy mix. If this is so, then you see how greedy he will grab to a nipple.

9. If all above-stated procedures did not improve a condition of the kid, then in a case, if feed with mix, try to change it . It is possible that from - for it at your kid of colic.

10. special the granulated teas applied since the birth for improvement of digestion and disposal of gases Exist. Or fresh camomile tea if the kid well apprehends it. After each day food - no more than 30 ml.

If the doctor recommended you medicine for disposal of gripes, then duration of its application will be reduced when performing councils which were given in this article.

The fastest to you disposals of gripes and quiet dream!