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Approach on all fronts.

Approach on all fronts.

the Latest news about the increased democracy in Belarus for the period of parliamentary elections in the lower house it very much pleases and impresses, but there is one but - to whom is it necessary?

(The House of Representatives, it is necessary to elect 110 deputies, 263 candidates apply for this post.: unprecedented conditions of openness of election campaign, having invited practically everyone to carry out supervision over the course of elections According to the Central Electoral Commission, on parliamentary elections in the republic more than 900 international observers are accredited. They represent five international structures: Executive committee of the CIS, Parliamentary meeting of the Union of Belarus and Russia, MPA of the CIS, Inter-parliamentary assembly of EurAsEC, BDIPCh of OSCE. Besides, in election commissions of various level more than 17 thousand national observers are accredited. Such number of observers will allow to monitor really vote process, and also will promote its transparency. In fact, to us will not allow to make any violations of the international " standards; - the head of the CEC told the day before.) the message of ITAR - TASS

Is available obviously the leadership of Belarus in the person of the president of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko gives a signal to the West of a possibility of change of political orientation though of course it troubles it, but as the pragmatic and sane person it is forced to try to agree with the opponent if allies in a pursuit of momentary profit drove into the corner - Russia does not want to subsidize the neighbor, then enemies will give help, and will accept the WTO and as the derelict will cease to consider, osypit favor and for such business it is a pity for nothing.

Today the president of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko did not pass Rubicon yet, he still bargains look Russia and the annual turnover between the countries will weaken an economic grasp, after all $30 billion, but if he makes it it dread to think as far as to change situation in the World.

Today the president of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko in an advantageous position - having made choices democratic (to many European Union countries and the same America having outdone), he risks nothing 70% of deputy corps the checked and tested colleagues with guarantee will be in parliament and if the West does not keep the promises, it is possible to apply dictatorial methods and to remain with a wheel. And if Russia in the haughty misunderstanding and imperial thinking does not react in the firefighter of a poryadken economic requirements of Belarus, (that possibly and will occur), then Lukashenko with a clear conscience will hand over the country.

But what beautiful course were made by the father - In Russia at the same political apportion, political strategists exhausted the people nearly dubinaly on polling precincts, thousands of violations to draw the beautiful picture, it already would be quite good - (there was no alternative of authorities in power). As a result results as in Africa, and in soul of the inhabitant feeling of an iznasilovannost and bewilderment - we already were not going to change anything. The people that it not silly, unless that priduryatsya a little.

A the father the handsome - both democratic elections and his victory, and here also a victory on the economic field (Russia does not sponsor, then the West will help). The people are happy allowed to express freely and in general it should be noted care of people in Belarus much above, than in Russia and officials to be afraid to take bribes and as not strange a standard of living quite good in the absence of gas and oil. the hell with her with benefit, all the same simple people do not get

And as I the Russian it would be very desirable that our heads did not hand over Belarus almost nothing if Russia weakens, there will be one, to the people will have very a rough time.

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28. 09. 08